Ginsberg Espousing Master Race Eugenics?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg cheerleader beauty queen Little Miss Sunshine

Pardon my leaving the NBC issue aside for now.  Too much strange stuff flying around and I don’t really know what to make of it.  I feel like a scene is being set – a dinner table if you will – and the meal is going to be a “long form” BC for your culinary delight.  It just feels like a set up – all this long form – long form – long form — blah blah blah.  That’s the standard being established for absolute eligibility.

It’s being allowed people.  Just my opinion.  But you have to be a complete lemming if you think Gibbs is now regularly calling on Les Kinsolving of WND in White House pressers just to be a fair dude.  The administration appears to be controlling this game and leading it to an endgame where they give you EXACTLY what you’re all asking for.  Notice the standard wording Major Cooke stated to the press – “All he has to do is show the long form BC…” etc.  If that’s all he has to do to drive a stake through the heart of the eligibility issue… then that’s what you can expect.  But I digress from my topic today.

I tell you… nothing felt more intellectually dirty or reeked of pure filth to me than my experience with the United States Supreme Court.  I know the law.  I know procedure.  I knew the SCOTUS court rules.   Yet, I had to be deloused after that experience.  God knows what crawls in those chambers.   Go back through SCOTUS history and see the vile possession by evil of those once hallowed chambers by eugenic skank like Oliver Wendell Holmes and his modern successors.

Eugenics is basically what Hitler’s Nazi regime worshipped via their final solution.  It’s a concept of population control where the Government decides who can live and who can breed… and who cannot be allowed to breed.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is Jewish and one would think that she might find such a concept repulsive.  But the abortion rights movement heralded by the BS decision in Roe v. Wade is more about eugenics then it is about a woman’s right to choose.  And on July 7, 2009 Ginsburg confirmed what many suspected of her – that she’s a eugenic proliferating skank.

Check her comment given to the New York Times:

Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.

What populations are you speaking of you horn rimmed freak show?  There’s not much else I can say about this crap except that the New York Times journalist – Emily Bazelon – failed to do her damn job and follow up on the alarming answer given by Ginsburg.

[Ed. Edited by author on July 25, 2009…]

Do we really want SCOTUS deciding what populations are allowed to breed?  What the hell is she talking about?  Do we have even one single journalist who will force her to clarify these disgusting and dangerous remarks?


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  1. Stephanie Says:

    Leo, Thank you for pointing out this quote by Ginsberg “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.” Margaret Sanger (founder of planned parenthood) “spoke of sterilizing those she designated as “unfit,” a plan she said would be the “salvation of American civilization.”
    In doing research for The White Rose(Univ. students who fought aganist Hitler) I read how they watched their neighbor (who had Dowm syndrome)being taken away. Before the Jews there were the undesirables(anyone who was physically imperfect), professors & Catholic priest.
    Excellent movie: Sophie Scholl: The Final Days

  2. Leo,
    I could not believe what I was reading when I read that quote by Ginsberg. Have you seen any of this Sotomoyer stuff? She is definitely Lying about her judicial activism AND lying about not letting her personal feeling affect her judgement. What about that firfighter case? But the Senators say she’s OK with them!!! She didn’t really seem very bright to me.
    Your right about the trap being set. I don’t know if you saw Lou Dobbs tonite. They had Orly and Keyes “debate” two Obama lickers. The presenter was totally clueless, and was smirking as she described the BC issue (like that was all that it was about). The Obama lickers just made fun of them. I really get the feeling that that was also part of the setup, as the MSM is totally in on it. Orly got the last word in and said that it was also about citizen birth parents, but in general she did not come off very well, and all Keyes talked about was the BC, just like they wanted him to. The beautiful BC is about to rear it’s head, and all these clueless idiots like Berg, Keyes, WND and Freerepublic et al have aided in the destruction of the constitution.

  3. SteveinVa Says:

    Glad your back Leo. I agree that Ginsburg has shown her true colors and if the truth be known that is the same sentiment that a lot of liberals would give, but only if they wouldn’t be called out on it.

    I understand your concern regarding the long form bc. It could very well be a set up. However having said that what do you think the timing issue is.? Why wait for now, or a few weeks or months from now to release a bogus bc just to shut up the proletariet?

    Have you given any thought to bringing IG Walprin into the DC Court?

  4. Who breeds and who doesn’t isn’t up to you and it never will be. You’ve already lost. Home is calling. He’s waiting for you. Got the sauna ready… and the air conditioning unit is permanently broken. Word.
    Amen brother!!!!!

  5. Man, I just love reading your posts. What an education! The only problem is that all those that I talk to about what you bring forth feel that I’m a freak. In fact, the uber libs that I worked with just before retiring last yr. had given me the nickname Dark Cloud, because as they were merrily moving forward with their anointing of the chosen one, I kept bursting their bubble with new facts and info from your’s and others websites. Nothing stinks like the truth and those used to peddling the stuff you mention in this post can’t stand it’s stench. A little rain on this parade going on in D.C. right now might help extinguish the fire blazing that is fed by the pillars of our Constitutional government. How about some comments on the current Senate charade that will give us the next black robed charlatan, you know, the one who feels that her ethnicity somehow qualifies her more than some other person who truly reads and understands the law. What a concept, reading the words in a document and simply rendering a decision based on what you read,not on what you think or feel what you read. Bad time to be an American,dark clouds on the horizon. Oh, and I do believe that you are right about the fix being in on the long form. Since you play poker for a living then you understand all about an ace up your sleeve, or an ace as a hole card. B.O and his minions are just waiting for the right moment when the opposition is all in. As they say, don’t bet against the Fed. or the house. Apathy and ignorance reign, God save us all.

  6. I also agree that the “long form” BC whether authentic or forged, is coming very soon…..The Obama/Axelrod Inc. red herring tactic seems to have worked brilliantly….I guess that Mario Appuzo is our last chance, but unfortunately I know that his case will also be quashed….We no longer live in a constitutional republic….We have fallen to communism and the sad thing is that almost no one even recognizes that.

    Dr. Mr. Benjamin Franklin,
    I am very sorry to inform you that we were not able to keep it….Thank you and your fellow patriots for all of your efforts and please try to forgive us for letting you down.

    An American Slave

  7. Well my Friend, you are so,oh so right ,now thatthe hate crimes bills have passed. I shall be like paul only in a fema Prison??? Leo You have my prayers for your uccess and much Happiness.remember to be at peace no matter what. ps PEACE holds within its hands, trust in the Lord, Trust that He provides all things and governs all things and trust that he will lead to an end that is GOOD

  8. All of the judges and politicians are NWO, ESPECIALLY Ginsberg.

    Abortion, Eugenics, Vivisection, Pharmaceutical Drugs are all part of pharmakeia, sorcery, trickery, fraud, and pseudo science. And her comment is typical of a witch, in the true sense of the word.

    Pure ugliness and dense of spirit. She loves death because she is part of the walking dead.

  9. Ginsburg actually reproduced TWICE! Not sure who is actually making the decisions, but I’m finding it hard to believe that she would be considered part of some “Master Race.” OK. She might have a few brain cells, but the packaging certainly leaves a lot to be desired. Thankfully, the Bovine, Sotomayor, has not reproduced as far as I know. The genepool can rest easy on that one…

  10. Mr. Denofrio,

    I don’t know how others see reality, but the appointment of an United States Supreme Court Justice has more weight, in many ways, than the our current POTUS debacle.

    Sen. McCain (not a NBC) during the elections tried to remind the electorate that appointing justices was major factor for consideration of who would hold the presidency. It fell on deaf ears like so many other issues.

    I am not affiliated with any party…though I am admittably quite conservative in nature. With that comes the realization there is a war of philosophies…that of the liberals who consider the constitution a hindrance to the advancement of human rights and thus (with consciense clear) are given free reign to legislate from the bench and…the conservatives, who are cognizant that the path to hell is often paved with good intentions and thus would rather err on the premise our constitution is a sound framework for our republican jurisprudence.

    Only the liberals would believe eugenics, malthus theory, and the common good over individual liberty are sound principles for our society.

    Let us not lose sight of the historical nature of the 1930’s germans…socialists who sold a platform that was the ruin of a great and proud people.

    I have faith that reason will return to our nation and the court…but it may may be a very long time for a full recovery.

    -1SG Nosworthy

  11. Mr. Donofrio,

    Changing topics, huh? ha ha – I like it!

    Although, I (personally) believe that “topics” such as abortion, gay marriage and sex scandals are merely “media” favorites as a distraction to REAL issues.

    What control do “we” really have with such “topics” – seems personal and something to debate/discuss within one’s family and faith (if any)?

    If it’s “wrong” (only GOD can really judge on such “topics”), a higher power will punish.

    [Ed. Bullshit. Eugenics is wrong and we can clearly judge it’s wrong.]

    If Obama/Soetoro were having an abortion, marrying a gay and/or involved in a sex scandal, I think “we” would all be, at best, amused and, at worst, annoyed.

    However, it would not REALLY affect “our” lives.

    Now, REAL “topics” such as FRAUD, TREASON and ESPIONAGE would (and does) affect “our” lives.

    It’s all a matter of perspective.

    I still believe that evil is SELF-destructive and in the end (in the coming weeks or months), this will all end and even Obama/Soetoro’s supporters (some or many) will cheer.


    This is from…

    “An African news agency that reported extensively on Barack Obama’s recent visit to Ghana has changed its archived article that described Africa as ‘The Continent of his birth’.

    Now the reference is to ‘The Continent of his father’s birth’.”


    [Are they trynig to insult our intelligence or make us laugh?]

  12. I have been focused on the NBC issue every day since before the DNC. I am starting to see people come around to focusing on the definition of NBC, instead of relying on the birth cert, but it is still challenging to get the word out. Someone started a forum topic here:

    I have posted on the forum based on info I have read here and other places (Let me know if you have any suggestions, or comment directly on the forum if you can). But I have also contacted Taitz, WND’s Farrah, Berg, USJF, and others to no avail.

    I would think these people would be more open to contact then the big media (I have never heard anything back from Fox News – and I am sure I won’t hear from the other news companies).

    I called into a Roger Hedgecock show and spoke with Farrah who was his guest…I told them that rather than focusing on the BC issue – they need to focus on what the legal definition of Natural Born Citizen is. I think I did a reasonable job telling them what the definition is and where it comes from, but when Roger asked Farrah what he thought – Farrah just said that he would like the supreme court to use that definition, but he would have a hard time getting a senator, congressman, or the Supreme Court to use that definition. I followed up with Farrah after the show via email but no response from him.

    I am following the NBC issue on Twitter – and seeing the issue turn away from the BC, but still it is the larger topic. (maybe one day #NaturalBornCitizen will be one of the top trending tweets – who knows).

    I think we need to organize better and FOCUS. Any suggestions people?

  13. rope-a-dope Leo

    You’ve been being telling ’em consistently and clearly from day one – they still stepped in.

    It is good to hear from you again!

  14. Leo:

    Ginsburg is certainly a liberal activist judge. Her abortion comments and her espousing Sotomayor are quite telling. In his recent Newsmax interview I heard Judge Robert Bork say that the SCOTUS had become politicized increasingly since the early 1950’s. It has certainly affected the legal landscape. I have not seen any Justice speak through the media on any topic like Ginsberg, nor support a potential nominee for the Court. It is off the chart. You are certainly right that abortion is a population birth control.

    I have heard you speak of the Obama providing a false certified vault copy of the birth certificate in another place as I recall.

    [Ed. That’s not what I said… I said I expect to see a genuine BC from Hawaii.]

    That is an interesting issue. Hawaii would have to be involved since they would have the old seal and stamp to certify the false document. If they did not have the old seal and stamp I guess they could create a new one. How about the paper on which the seal is printed? Then there are the differences in yearly documents that prevent false birth certificates from being passed as true anyway. I think the paper would be a challenge. But then Obama would not allow it to be verified independently, i.e., two or more examiners, not of his own choosing. I would like to hear the opinion of independent document examiners as to Obama’s ability to produce such a document. I think no independent examination is Obama’s trump card.

  15. Leo:

    Any document that Obama would provide is all the more reason to keep teaching and pushing the natural born Citizen issue.

  16. Hennie Bogan Says:

    Thanks for your comments Leo. What do you think about the Oath-keepers movement ( They don’t seem to be getting into the eligibility issue at all. Or what about We The People ( They seem to be sleeping on the job. The big chant should be:
    Hang in there and please come play moonlight sometime.

    [Ed. The oath takers group appears to be a very healthy development IMHO. They appear to be sincere and guided by the Constitution.]

  17. Has anybody tried a civil suit? I know the standard of proof is lower. It’s easy enough to allege damage. What about the 1 trillion deficit? As unemployment climbs tolerance and enthusiasm for Obama will continue to decline. All we need is one judge willing to take this seriously.

  18. jerocat Says:

    Two comments:

    1. It was not long ago that The Peoples’ Republic of China could force abortion on a family after they bore one child.

    2. Back to Orly, I share you concern and have voiced it in writing to both Orly Taitz and Joseph Farah, Editor and Chief Executive Officer, WorldNetDaily. I emphasized that a public focus on a Hawaiian BC can spoil and mislead public perception. Both acknowledged my concerns in writing. Orly’s emphasis has advanced to the broader all encompassing issues of NBC and general identity fraud. Farah told me that the story has to begin at the beginning.

    I’ve read the complaint and discovery demands for documents in the current Keyes et al v. Obama et al filed 7/15/09 in UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA. The list of identity documents demanded includes passports, multiple SS#s, Selective Service registration documents, sworn statements to the Illinois State Bar regarding his identity and written statements of identity to Occidental College and other institutions.

    Even well meaning advocates in the press continue to misstate the issues. The bloggosphere is much better informed and more articulate.

  19. Leo

    Why don’t you take the Washington District Attorney to Court and settle the matter? You know the Law and could do it. What is stopping you?

  20. You seem surprised Leo? Have you read anything about the health care plan moving through Congress which basically supports the same thinking.

    When Government chooses who lives or dies our Republic dies along with them.

  21. bob strauss Says:

    Sounds as if you have lost all respect for the present court system in this country. You’re not alone. I remember, way back, when your case ,”went to SCOTUS, I thought it would be a slam dunk, and that would be the end of Obama. Well , here we are ,8 months later, and no closer to a solution, and Obama is still deflecting law suits, with the help of judges, in the system.I still have, a small amount of, faith, and still hope, something will come out of the Carter court, in the latest Orly Taitz attempt at getting to the truth about Obama’s ineligibility.
    How much of this is Chicago, mob style politics, and what ever happened to Patrick Fitzgerald as a source one could trust. Shit, you can’t depend on any of the oath takers to do their job!

  22. Mitchell Staff Says:

    You have hit a home run. Eugenics is the “elites” dirty little secret. One only has to look at the Georgia Guidestones or read Obama’s “science czar’s” book to learn what the people in power are up to. Their crede: “We (not God or nature) are going to decide mans future.”

    The good news is that many are waking up to resist their evil goals. To use a chess analogy, now they control the board but their position is over-extended. They can be stopped by a simple defensive pawn push. People I urge you to become that pawn that blocks their offensive surge. Don’t take their flu shots. Don’t succumb to the lies of global warming. Don’t eat GMO foods. Basically get involved at the local level (friends, family, co-workers etc…) and shatter their compartmentalized (mass media, politicians, courts etc…) control. They have underestimated us before and will do so again. This will surely lead to their downfall.

  23. Leo, I think you were too easy on Ginsburg.

  24. constitutionallyspeaking Says:


    I’m still with you on the NBC issue:

    God Bless and thanks for the great material, I hope it helps get the real truth out for history’s sake and the future of our Republic.


  25. billvanallen Says:

    “Title washing” of POTUS citizenship by Hawaii and MSM:

    In state(s) such as Kentucky you can bring a total-ed wrecked or flooded car or truck from another state and relatively simply attempt to “wash” the vehicle title and create a title without the vehicle history.

    The current citizenship POTUS-gate cover-up combined with the original cover-up of Hawaii COLB provides an analogy of “title washing” origin of the birth parents.

  26. Mr. Donofrio,

    I (somewhat) understand your point but I think you mis-understand mine (PERSPECTIVE).

    However, let’s take a closer look at “eugenics” – The study of hereditary improvement of a breed or race (esp. human beings) by genetic control.

    Now let’s look at “eugenics” (human beings) as it HAS been done throughout History.

    I’m not going to include your example of Hitler’s acts (that was NOT “eugenics” – that was MURDER and definitely wrong).

    First, the obvious Monarchies where (traditionally) Heirs married only other Monarchs and/or direct descendants [ex. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were 1st cousins].

    Second, in many cultures (Middle Eastern, Asian, etc.) “arranged” marriages are the norm and are (in many cases) between close relatives (1st, 2nd, 3rd cousins, etc.).

    Third, in OUR Country, there is a Law (perhaps you’ve heard of it) where only a “natural born” citizen (a child of citizen parents) can be eligible for the Presidency.

    Are these not ALL examples of “eugenics” (a selective group) – whether or not it takes place in a lab?

    Also, are these not all “personal” topics (or “legal” matters, in the case of the “natural born” law)?

    Can “we” REALLY judge (right or wrong) on such matters (legal or not) of eugenics, abortion, gay marriage, sex scandals, etc.

    Can you see the CLEAR distinction between those “topics” and far more serious examples such as FRAUD, TREASON, ESPIONAGE and MURDER?



    [Ed. Bullshit. Eugenics is the removal of various groups of humanity from the gene pool. It’s not about who can be President. Give me a damn break. And the Holocause was the quintessential definition of eugenics. Anyone who says otherwise is a fraud and a liar.

  27. Phil Hanson Says:

    Long article but gives you the foundation for her thoughts at the time of the decision.

    [Ed. Thank you for pointing this out… excellent research. Everybody needs to understand the eugenics disaster brewing under the surface.]

  28. GBAmerica Says:

    God Bless you Leo!Glad to see you back!!

  29. Leo, are you familiar with the (recently) late L. Fletcher Prouty
    Colonel USAF (Retired)? I believe to get a proper handle on the eugenics issue, is to understand the genesis of systemic genocide, that given one enough time to research, goes back to Francis Bacon and his “New Atlantis,” which he gives credit to Plato, and even those before him (Solon and his Egyptian priest mentors).

    To attack Ginsberg and even Sotomayor is proper. However, let’s not forget of whom they learned from…

  30. Leo,

    Mr Walpin, the Inspector General who was fired by Obama has filed a lawsuit IN DC, please I know you can search thru that filing and from the pleading discover who is counselis, and then send that counsel your “educational brief on QUO WARRANTO” and maybe we can get this thing done… are the author, please atleast provide the information to Mr. Walpin’s lawyers, because this is as good a standing and jurisdiction as there could be….PLEASE at least say you will send them the info?

  31. Leo,
    I’d appreciate your take on this. I don’t think my previous posts of this question came through.

    Would you consider a child born on U.S. soil to be a natural born citizen of the U.S.A. if one parent was a dual citizen (or both parents were dual citizens) of the U.S.A. and Great Britain at the time of that child’s birth?

    [Ed. If the child is born on US soil to both parents who are US citizens, then that person is nbc… should either of his parents also have dual citizenship of another country I do not see any precedent for that preventing nbc status to confer. It’s not just the dual nature of allegiance which is concerned, but rather the history of precedent and Marbury vs Madison as well… ]

  32. […] word is redacted a bit, below, otherwise Mr. Donofrio’s posting is represented intact. Ginsberg Espousing Master Race Eugenics?Pardon my leaving the NBC issue aside for now. Too much strange stuff flying around and I don’t […]

  33. So, you think we will see a real, authentic bc from Hawaii soon…

    I just don’t get the game here! If it’s going to be produced, why wait?

    Does that mean (considering an Obama-affiliated law firm was researching the nbc issue in 2006) that it’s a fancy game to render that discussion moot? So, if the yet-to-be-produced authentic bc silences everyone, they don’t have to worry about fighting the nbc issue?

    Pretty convoluted.

    Aren’t they getting too busy to fight all these battles…seems like lots of stuff is starting to crash around them.

    But, I agree that good (and God) wins in the end…it’s the “gettin’ there” that hurts.

    God bless you, Mr. Donofrio.

  34. Civis naturaliter natus Says:

    Lets help this patriot, Major Cook find a job

    Cook’s Resume as posted by Orly

    I think that he is definitely lightning material for an speaking engagements in your area: tea-parties, political rallies, etc. etc., AFWs, founder’s parades etc…

    Lets get some speaking enagements for this hero and make him rich enough to run for office. We need men like this in DC!

  35. highlandscharlie Says:

    You also hit a home run inidentifying ‘their’ credo. Therein lies the true continental divide. Please contact me at my blog highlandercharlie.wordpress, I’d like to discuss this and the nascent Great Awakening with you further.

    Now, Leo;
    this is my first time here. Found you, thankfully, via WND and whistleblower. Try not to get discouraged about the apparent wrong tack we’ve taken by focusing so much on the BC thing. Remember, a smoke screen can be used effectively by/from either side. If we loosen up, step back a moment and let the creative juices flow, then often enough what might seem to be barriers also present opportunities and previously unthought of possibilities. I know nothing of chess but have been a student of problem fixation and ways to fix fixation for decades. So have you, although you might not call it by that name. We’re grateful to have a warrior like you on our side:you display a rare combination brilliance, determination, and Big Bronze Balls. So—courage brother, don’t lose heart and never ever lose sight of the fact that the Battle has belonged to the Lord from before the beginning of time. I’d say He created you for this very moment in our nation’s history.

  36. Civis naturaliter natus Says:

    This if off topic, but of interest:


    Why won’t Obama release his long form BC?

    A simple reason could be


    1: one from Kenya, saying he was born in Mombasa, which his mother used to get him back to HI.

    2: One from HI, saying he was born there of Dunham and Obama Sr. which Dunham used to get money to support the child and put him on her US passport

    3) One from HI, saying he was adopted by Soetero, which Dunham used to get payments form Soetero

    4) One from Indonesia, saying he was adopted by Soetero, to get Barry into School in indonesia, and which Barry used to get an Indonesian Passport, and get foreign student status at Occidental and Columbia

    5) One from HI which says that his father is Frank Marshall Davis, which he used to convince Hillary, the Dem Nat Committe, and the Supreme Court to concede he is a NBC…this one was issued after 2007.

    6) One from HI saying his parents are Frank Marshal Davis and Mrs. Lefforge…(this is conjectural, on the basis of the address in the birth annoucement).


    because he has shown different BCs in his life to different persons. This explains also why he wont reveal any records, because this would show the history of how he has at one time used one BC and at another another BC.

    And then there are those, who do not know this, but have seen a BC of Barry, thinking that is the only one, and when the see the one he must use to claim to be a legitimate Article II qualified POTUS, they will go public and out him as a fraud…

  37. Leo,

    The complaint Major Cooke filed states:

    “Barack Hussein Obama, in order to prove his constitutional eligibility to serve as president, basically needs only produce a single unique historical document for the Plaintiff’s inspection and authentication: namely, the ‘long-form’ birth certificate which will confirm whether Barack Hussein Obama was in fact born to parents who were both citizens of the United States in Honolulu, Hawaii, in or about 1961,”

    The actual wording suggests they wish to confirm the citizenship of both parents.

    I have emailed Orly Taitz and asked that she and her client be more clear in future press conferences.

    Thank you.

  38. I want to be surprised and outraged by this, but nothing surprses me now and I’ve nearly hit bottom on my outrage.

    Stop the planet. I think I just want to get off.

  39. Leo, thanks for this great post on Ruth Bader-Meinhof Ginsburg. I have read that some Jews suffer from self-hatred and now I am beginning to believe that it is true. How else explain how she, a Jew, could espouse a philosophy that would label anyone “untermenschen” as the Nazis did.

    I read in the Washington Times that Gerald Walpin, the I.G. of The Corporation for National and Community Service who was fired by Obama, has filed a lawsuit challenging the legality of his firing. Is there any way that SOMEONE could legally and ethically approach Walpin to ask him to file a QUO WARRANTO suit in the District of Columbia against Obama. I am confident that he would be deluged with funds to pay for the lawsuit from all of us who seek a change in the office of POTUS.

  40. shoonerz Says:

    It’s just a shame our Country is run by a bunch of children who don’t give a damn about much, except for thier own circle of welfare. Countless phoney acts by these idiots is OK and anybody good is no good to them. As Walter Cronkite said, “There’s no real reporters out there now” It’s all superficial. Unfortunatley, it’s going to take a lot of bad to rally up the good. NYC on 911 is a perfect example. Being thre for the search and cleanup was something that amazed me. The attitude on the streets was something that has not been around since the “Age Of The Innocence”

  41. Leo:

    Remember me? I have been pleading with you to help reverse Roe v. Wade.

    Yes, all of our S..t stinks. However, heaven does not stink. “Eye has not seen nor ear heard the beauty that awaits us”.

    The holocaust of Nazi Germany was horrific. Please google the words “genocide of the 20th century” and read the astronomical rise in violence – it is frightening. If we decapitate, dismember, and burn beautiful, innocent human beings in the womb what can we expect?

    It is all very simple. We either work for heaven or hell. We all will die and eternity awaits us. Of course, Satan and evil do exist. The devil’s greatest accomplishment in the modern era is to make people believe he doesn’t exist. Research Fr. Gabriel Amorth and he will show you the reality of evil.

    Whether you want to believe in Our Lady or not, familiarize yourself with the apparitions of Our Lady of America, Kebeho, Akita, Laus, Garabandal, Fatima, Lourdes and Sr. Faustina’s Divine Mercy apparition and many others. She is warning the world so I ask you to please read and listen to her words. The rosary is our weapon against eugenics, communism, fascism, etc. We have a very simple solution. She will set things right. God will not permit His beautiful creations to be slaughtered anymore.

    Thank you for being so brave. God Bless America and all true patriots!

  42. I’m British but even I know (coz a guy at the US Embassy one explained it when i ws being interviewed over a visa application ) that if Obama produces a forged long form BC it can only show that either he is not elegible or that he is a liar.

  43. BuckeyeTexan Says:


    In discussing with someone today what the U.S. Foreign Affairs manual stipulates about foreign-born citizens, it occurred to me that if a foreign-born citizen wanted to run for president, he/she might have standing to ask the SCOTUS for a ruling on whether or not he/she is eligible to hold the office of POTUS should he/she win a presidential election. The statement in the U.S. Foreign Affairs manual is evidence enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the government itself is uncertain who is and is not eligible. What say you? Could one also argue that a SCOTUS ruling is necessary to prevent him/her from incurring substantial debt in campaigning for an office that he/she might not be eligible to hold? Could this be a way around the standing issue and avoid having to file for stays/injunctions post-election? If so, would you be willing to present and argue the case?

    Thanks for any thoughts you’re willing to share. If you’d rather not post this, a private reply is most welcome.


    [Ed. They will not answer the question this way.]

  44. Leo,

    Speaking of setting out a “dinner table” with a “meal” – did you catch Brian Williams’ big story on NBC Nightly News last night? I think you may be right…

  45. Lisa C. Says:

    I’m surprised at you, Leo, for letting so much vitriol contaminate your otherwise well- and carefully-written text here. I don’t care about Ginsburg, don’t particularly like her, don’t share her politics but none of that matters anywhere near as much to me as Barack Obama’s citizenship status and your most recent writings will dismay many people coming to this blog for the first time as they try to understand just what the issue is with respect to the concept of natural born citizen.

    I understand and share what must be inordinate frustration for the one decrying the emperors naked status for so long but please weaken your exposition at this date just when many former naysayers are beginning to become curious about the legal issues involved with Obama’s possible inelligibilty to hold the office of president!

  46. Hi Leo

    I have been taking a break from all of this and pursuing other interests, but I just came across this and found it to be interesting.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it or what kind of response it even elicits in me. I just found it enlightening on certain levels.


    [Ed. Apologies to all for not getting to your comments sooner… time has been hard to come by. That being said everyone should read the link provided by this commentator to see just how confused even SCOTUS is on the nbc issue. Some of the justices comments in this link show you just how incredibly uneducated even they are to the issue. You will see one SCOTUS justice even state that you can’t be President unless you were a natural born citizen at the time of the adoption of the Constitution. And that is followed by laughter… it’s incredble. Read it. Pass it on. I may do a separate blog post on this readers comment. Nice job Lou.]

  47. Dear Leo,

    I must agree with Lisa C on July 24 and request you modify the otherwise superb posting on Ginsburg. Over the past nine months I have directed many people to your site, and if this piece on Ginsburg is the FIRST they SEE they would not have gone any further. The visual effect of this photo of Ginsburg is very much the same as your since removed photo of SCOTUS with WUSSY pasted over it. Also, the text is not up to your extremely high standards.

    [Ed. Excuse me. You start talking about limiting the rights of people to breed and you get no respect. I am a lawyer and I’m also a punk rocker. If your friends can’t handle the stench of eugenics and are not as outraged as I am about her disgusting opinion then your friends can read someone else’s blog. I really don’t care. Peace.]

    Please, your phenomenal work is invaluable to Our Republic now and for years and decades to come. In fact, I believe your original work will become recognized as THE cornerstone after you & I have passed on.

    Thank you for considering my remarks.

    P.S. I can understand your pain and frustration because I experience the same with the non-profit I have led for the past twenty years. The repeated setbacks are, at times, unbearable, but I keep going because the work I’ve been given to do is so important I know I must … and the very same applies to you. Be well my friend. I so admire what you keep doing.

    Your Devoted Follower & Supporter,

  48. Mr. Denofrio,

    Well, no doubt you have some time to digest the prevailing winds of the eligibility cause…and they stink.

    The MSM that is following this concern have aired that it is about a birth certificate, Mr. Obama is not a US citizen, and their is a DEEP DARK CONSPIRACY to hide truths relevant to the Presidency.

    In essence, those that feel there is valid constitutional question are relegated to the lunatic fringe…man didn’t land on the moon, Jesus was a space alien, and Oswald was framed. Cripes, has it come to this?

    Where are the voices of reason in this otherwise incoherent effort for redress? The salvation for our republic has been erroneously placed in the hands of two people that are ignorant and imbivalent of our constitution…Orly and Obama.

    Please, may the the Lord take mercy on our ridiculously stupid souls.

    -1SG Nosworthy

  49. naturalborncitizen Says:

    I’ve pulled the offensive language. I really got angry this time. When e Justice from the Supreme Court openly announces her desire to limit certain populations, then we know we have a very serious dangerous condition openly spreading through our nation. This is one of the most deranged concepts ever announced. The ultimate filth.

  50. Leo:

    You are truly wonderful concerning your understanding of government staying out of people’s matrimonial life as well as everyone’s intimate life.

    NO ONE has the right to tell anyone what their personal life should be. Look at the “pot calling the kettle black” is a great expression.

    There is either Truth or their is not Truth. Where do we arrive at Truth? There is either a God or their is no God. If there is no God, we may do anything we want. We may kill, steal, commit adultery abort beautiful human beings, be adulterers, lie, cheat etc.

    If there is a God, He revealed Truth. Complete Truth is in the person of Jesus Christ ONLY because He was BOTH God AND Man. He has a dual nature. Therefore, His WORD is Truth itself because He cannot lie.

    You are right-read the WORD. However, the Church instructs on the Word because the Holy Spirit guides its members-sinners that we ALL are.

    “Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” The Church will be here until the end of time-which will come.

    This isn’t preaching-just TRUTH. Killing children in the womb by the millions will destroy every civilization. We are on that road.

    Pray the Rosary. She promised to take care of it all. We can’t.

  51. I find Ginsburg comments repulsive and remain angry that she is not held accountable while others like a Don Imus are forced to ask for forgiveness and must pay a price for their words. I expect the targets of Ginsburg are Blacks, Hispancis, Disabled and any other group considered an enemy of Obama. The main stream media has no role other than to spew the Obama propaganda. What’s next will be a major mind control “reeducation” program similar to Mao’s program in China. I have no respect for the SC from their obstruction of challenging Obama eligibility.

  52. Marijana Says:

    Two years after the Constitution was ratified, Congress enacted the
    Naturalization Act of 1790, which states, in part:
    “And the children of citizens of the United States, that may be born
    beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be
    considered as natural born citizens: Provided, That the right of
    citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been
    resident in the United States…”

    In regards to last sentence above, was Obama Sr. a resident by US law while a student in Hawaii?

    Leo, you’re gift of articulation and passion is one sure fact these days that there is a divine force within all of us, thank you.

    [Ed. that part of the act was repealed in 1795…]

  53. I find Ginsberg’s comments ironic, to say the least. She’s Jewish. A generation earlier as we all know, much of Europe considered her group the target of eugenic prejudice. You’d think this experience would conduce to a little wariness on the subject.

  54. Claudia Says:

    So, what was the final ruling on this case???
    loucon Says:

    July 24, 2009 at 6:44 am
    Hi Leo

    I have been taking a break from all of this and pursuing other interests, but I just came across this and found it to be interesting.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it or what kind of response it even elicits in me. I just found it enlightening on certain levels.


    I read it all the way through and there are, indeed, a lot of questions asked and not many answers and the whole case fundamentaly shows the ignorance of the OVERRIDING LAW OF NATURAL BORN CITIZEN…..

  55. Leo has always been right about the BC issue being a separate issue to the NBC eligibility status. IMHO, it would be tactically wise and strategically important to sever the two issues completely – yet the MSN, and the WH press breifings and releases are suddenly lumping the issues together. one must wonder why now?

    or as Lou Dobbs said, “just show us the birth certificate” and that’s all there is to it… hmm, sounds like a prep job is in fact in place. Leo proves his foresight yet again.

    BUT… aren’t there more documents which should be readily available – that are not – which would/should show duplicity and dishonesty in Mr. Obama’s own preferred status? school/college records… mandatory draft registration… various divorce paperwork… INS letters/forms which by default MUST exist re Indonesia… passport of ANY kind which by default MUST also exist… etc. etc.

    the legal enablers and handlers of Team Obama are holding the flood back of these documents which any one could show his eligibilty if not his ineligibility to assume the Presidency. as Leo suggests, if we (the masses) are being prepped to swallow any forged or real BC as “proof” of his eligibility, and as Team Obama certainly knows that it isn’t the place of birth but the PARENT’s citizenship that counts, wouldn’t producing a BC now just open the flood gates for the public to see the other documents?

    or as i suspect, the Obama Presidential Library will be the smallest library in the world… 😉

    [Ed. Along with Chester Arthur who burned all his papers.]

  56. why did u change my name? my screen name is “reeko” ? i can take a joke too, but this is the type of childish stunt that liberal trolls do on conservative blogs.

    i guess its funny though. i don’t get it.

    [Ed. I have no idea what you’re talking about.]

  57. jerocat Says:

    reekowho burned all,

    You can read the demand for production (Discovery) of a wide range identity documents to unravel the trail of Obama’s shifting identities, nationalities and allegiances both at his time of birth and onward throughout his life in:

    Keyes v. Obama Amended Complaint (#22, July 15, 2009)

    and in

    Cook v. Obama filed 24 July 2009 in Tampa, FL
    Demand for trial by jury.

    Cook v. Obama filed 15(?) July 2009 in GA.

  58. this is getting weird. i have no idea who “reekowho burned all” is either. i certainly didn’t type that in my posting…

    i think it might be a WordPress gremlin in the machine… LOL

  59. Thanks Leo & Lawyer,

    Great Work! as usual.

    [Ed. Great work to you as well… the following contains a very well researched plethora of historical evidence that Obama is not eligible to be POTUS. I have some further comments as we go…]

    OK, down to business. I got so tired of the claims that since mama was a citizen, then Obama was an NBC so here is what I have posted at my site.
    Feel free to correct me is you see that I have made any mistakes:

    As the media continues to desecrate the legal standing of those who’s only wish is to have a Constitutionally qualified President, I feel I must address this 1 more time so there is no misunderstanding of my research. Especially for my new readers.

    When looking into the original intent of the framers of the 18th century, we must remember that women did not have the rights of men. A woman’s citizenship followed that of her father until the day she married. At that time, her citizenship was automatically transferred to that of her husband, thus the reason for the wording in the following statements of the framers:

    Historical Fact #1: On July 25, 1787, John Jay, the 1st Chief Justice of the Supreme Court under the new Republic and also the President of the Continental Congress, wrote to George Washington the following:

    “Permit me to hint, whether it would be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our National Government; and to declare expressly that the Commander in Chief of the American Army shall not be given to nor devolve on, any but a natural born citizen.”

    Historical Fact #3: Additionally, in 1800, Charles Pinckney ( Continental Congress (1777-78 and 1784-87) and S.C. state legislature (1779-80, 1786-89, and 1792-96) said the presidential eligibility clause was designed “to insure…attachment to the country”:

    “What better way to insure attachment to the country than to require the President to have his American citizenship through his American Father and not through a foreign father. Any child can be born anywhere in the country and be removed by their father to be raised in his native country. The risks would be for the child to return later in life to reside in this country bringing with him foreign influences and intrigues.”

    [Ed. This is very important as it gives the main policy behind not allowing persons who had such foreign influence to be President. It just makes sense that we want the POTUS to be free of foreign attachments. Common sense.]

    Historical Fact #4: Further research brings us to St. George Tucker (Fourteenth and Fifteenth Congresses (March 4, 1815-March 3, 1819); chairman, Committee on District of Columbia (Fourteenth Congress), Committee on Expenditures on Public Buildings (Fifteenth Congress); author of Tucker’s Commentaries and of a treatise on natural law and on the formation of the Constitution of the United States and State senate, 1819-1823; chancellor of the fourth judicial district of Virginia 1824-1831):

    “The Provision in the Constitution which requires that the President shall be a “natural born” citizen, unless he were a citizen of the United States when the Constitution was adopted, is a happy means of security against foreign influence, which, wherever it is capable of being exerted, is to be dreaded more than the plague. The admission of foreigners into our councils, consequently, cannot be too much guarded against; their total exclusion from a station to which foreign nations have been accustomed to, attach ideas of sovereign power, sacredness of character, and hereditary right, is a measure of the most consummate policy and wisdom.

    The title of king, prince, emperor, or czar, without the smallest addition to his powers, would render him a member of a fraternity of the crowned heads: their common cause has more than once threatened the desolation of Europe. To have added a member to this sacred family in America, would have invited and perpetuated among us all the evils of Pandora’s Box.

    Under the laws of the time, this would have meant that, as long as the father was a US citizen, then both parents were US citizens, thus the child was subject to no other jurisdictions and had no allegiance to any foreign nations.

    Now fast forward to the 20th century when the laws were changed and women were given individual citizen status:

    On 22 September 1922, Congress passed the Married Women’s Act, also known as the Cable Act. Now the citizenship status of a woman and a man were separate. This law gave each woman her own citizenship status. This act was partially drawn in response to issues regarding women’s citizenship that occurred after women were given the right to vote. From this date, no marriage to an alien has taken citizenship from any U.S.-born woman. Females who had lost their citizenship status via marriage to an alien could initiate their own naturalization proceedings.

    This act effected U.S. citizen women whose marriage to an alien between the acts of 1907 and 1922 had caused them to lose their citizenship status. These women, if the marriage to the alien had ended in death or divorce, could regain their citizenship by filing an application with the local naturalization court and taking an oath of allegiance. Those women still married to their husband were not covered under the act and these individuals would have to go through the complete naturalization process.

    In 1940, Congress allowed all women who lost their citizenship status between 1907 and 1922 to repatriate by filling an application with the local naturalization court and taking an oath. The complete naturalization process was no longer necessary for any woman whose marriage between 1907 and 1922 caused her to lose her citizenship status.

    Thus any child born to parents with different citizenship, was born holding dual citizenship and it is recorded in Congressional records that the US did not recognize dual citizenship for the purposes of Article II, Section I, Clause V.

    [Ed. I want to know exactly what Congressional records you make reference to. PLease update your comment with citations.]

    When we look further into the study of the 14th Amendment’s drafting, we find a ruling from US Attorney General, George Williams (1865 to 1871 Williams served as United States Senator from Oregon. In 1871 he was a member of the commission to settle the Alabama claims from the Treaty of Washington. December 14, 1871-1875; Attorney General of the United States). George was a US Senator at the time of the drafting of the 14th Amendment:

    “The word “jurisdiction” under the 14th Amendment “must be understood to mean absolute and complete jurisdiction, such as the United States had over its citizens before the adoption of this amendment. “Political and military rights and duties” do not pertain to anyone else.”

    Essentially, what this means is that in order to be a “citizen” under the 14th Amendment, one must renounce any other allegiances so that their US citizenship is solely under the “jurisdiction” of the United States. In fact, controversy at the time due to dual allegiances was so great that Congress, in a joint congressional report on June 22, 1874 said:

    “The United States have not recognized double allegiance”

    Rep. Bingham commenting on Sec. 1992 said during debate on the difference between ‘natural born” and ‘born” citizenships under the 14th Amendment:

    “It means every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of “parents” [emphasis plural] not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of our Constitution itself, a “natural born” citizen.”

    The term “natural born citizen” is only located in ONE place in the Constitution: Article II, Section I, Clause V:

    No Person except a natural born Citizen or a Citizen of the United States at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

    Now, make note of the phrase ” at the time of the adoption of this Constitution“. The framers grandfathered themselves in and limited the time that the grandfather clause could be used so that as soon as the next generation came of age, there would no longer be an option for someone with a foreign parent or foreign birth to hold the highest political office of our country.

    It does not take a law degree nor even degree in history to figure this out. They used to teach it in grammar school, but unfortunately, American history has become passe’.

  60. Leo,

    Thank you for your blunt reply to my earlier post. I “deserved” that. (I had sent it as I was dashing out the door on vacation, and I just now read your rebuff.)


  61. Ginsberg is one disgustingly sick cookie. IMHO she felt that the political climate was right for her to make this disclosure.
    I agree with you Leo, I am just waiting for the big screening of the “long form BC.” I have noticed Obamas’ use of red herrings. For example, HR 3200 had end of life counseling. When the term “death panels” was brought up, Obama was quick to attach it to the end of life section. This section was removed from the bill. making this a dead issue. However, the section which actually has a panel that decides who gets treatment and who doesn’t, based on eugenic criterion, remains in place.
    I believe they plan to do the same with the eligibility issue. He will present a “long form BC” when he needs a distraction, and that will be all the media,the pundits and the public will focus on. The only question that remains, for me, is will they present a physical copy or post it on the internet?
    I am now in the process of making arrangements to leave my country. I believe that the “fundamental changes” Obama promised will be completely in place and the America we know will no longer exist. By the time people realize what they have lost it will be to late. As elections role around the majority of the politicians in office today will be re elected. Either people don’t learn or they don’t care, or even worse it is the kind of government they want.

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