Filed: Rule 60 Motion To Reconsider on Behalf of 21 Rejected Chrysler Dealers.

The public may now view the Memorandum in support of our Motion here.

The public Docket for the entire Chrysler case is at Click “Court Documents”.   The Omnibus Motion to Reconsider is Docket number 6132.  It  was filed on 12/25/09 at about 11:15 PM ET. Steve and I have also entered Pro Hac Vice motions: docket number 6130 for Steve and 6131 for me.

The documents are listed in the docket as representing “South Holland Dodge”, but in the papers Island Jeep (James Anderer) is listed as lead Movant.   21 dealers are listed in the actual papers filed with the court.

To view the documents in the court system, click “images” at the far right of the docket entry and you will see the following links to documents:

The memorandum has also been uploaded to SCRIBD

The Post &  Email published an accurate report on the 26th.


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