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Old Chrysler’s Attorneys Throw Mud In The Court’s Eye: Our Response

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On January 15, 2010, attorneys for Old Chrysler from the “esteemed” mega law firm – Jones Day responded to our Motion To Reconsider the Bankruptcy Court’s Dealership Rejection Order/Opinion.  However, opposing counsel have certainly lost their cool by grabbing mud and slinging it right in the Court’s face.  They did this by playing the “birther” card in a memo supporting their Objection to our Motion while our Motion has absolutely nothing to do with the President.  In fact, we clearly stated in that Motion that we do not contend the Government requested the Chrysler dealers be rejected.

It appears that Old Chrysler’s attorneys are doing their best to distract the Court from the law by raising issues which do not affect the case.  They do this by way of psychoanalyzing the motivations of our clients for bringing this Motion.  I have reminded these attorneys and the Court that 789 small businesses were gutted and approximately 40,000 jobs lost as a result of the Chrysler dealers having their livelihood ripped from them.

Steve Pidgeon and I were very encouraged when we read the Objection to our Motion.  When attorneys as skilled and savvy as Jones Day go down the path of distraction from the cold hard law, they must have good reason to distract therefrom.  That reason is obvious – the law does not support their position and now they’re taking emergency actions to muddy the waters the Court must swim in.

Of course, if the law supported their position, Jones Day would not want anything to distract the Court from the law.  So this is getting very interesting.  Our Reply to their Objection is Docket No. 6270.

John Charlton of The Post & Email has done an accurate write up which includes links to the actual documents.

Phil at The Right Side of Life has also written an accurate report which includes embedded Scribd copies of the documents.

The Law Offices of Pidgeon & Donofrio now represent 76 former Chrysler Dealers.  The number is up from 21 at the time we first filed the Motion.

Steve Pidgeon and Leo Donofrio Admitted Pro Hoc Vice In Chrysler Case.

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Steve Pidgeon and I were admitted today – Pro Hoc Vice – to practice before the Bankruptcy Court (Southern District of New York) for the Chrysler case.  See docket numbers 6192 and 6193.

Responses to our Rule 60 Motion (docket number 6132) are due January 15, 2010.