Recent WND Inquiries Appear To Have Established Obama’s Birth In Hawaii.

I don’t know how this slipped below my radar, but back on May 9, 2011, World Net Daily published an investigative report entitled, “Bombshell: U.S. government questioned Obama citizenship“, which – in my opinion – conclusively established that Obama was born in Hawaii.  In that report, Aaron Klein revealed official documents stored in US immigration files which chronicle the troubles faced by Obama’s mother’s second husband, Lolo Soetoro, when he petitioned the US Government for a visa extension.

The WND report correctly notes that US officials expressed an interest in determining whether Soetoro’s step-son, President Obama, was actually a US citizen.  The US officials who were handling Soetoro’s Visa extension application made copious notes in the file and the official comments therein illustrate that these officials doubted some of Soetoro’s statements.  So, they decided to investigate the relationships listed in his application.

Below is the text of the relevant portion of the WND report:

One critical exchange is dated August 21, 1967, from Sam Benson, an officer at the Southwest Immigration and Naturalization Service office in San Pedro, Calif.

Benson’s query stated, “There is nothing in the file to document the status of the spouse’s son. Please inquire into his citizenship and residence status and determine whether or not he is the applicant’s child within the meaning of Section 101(b)(1)(B) of the Act, who may suffer exceptional hardship within the meaning of Section 212(a).”

The reference is to the Immigration and Naturalization Act, which defined a “child” as an unmarried person under 21 years of age who, among other qualifiers, could be a “stepchild,” whether or not born out of wedlock, provided the child had not reached the “age of eighteen years at the time the marriage creating the status of stepchild occurred.”

A response to Benson’s inquiry came from one “W.L. Mix” of the central immigration office, who determined Obama was a U.S. citizen.

Mix replied: “Pursuant to inquiry from central office regarding the status of the applicants’ spouse’s child by a former marriage.”

“The person in question is a United States citizen by virtue of his birth in Honolulu, Hawaii, Aug. 4, 1961. He is living with the applicants’ spouse in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is considered the applicant’s step-child, within the meaning of Sec. 101(b)(1)(B), of the act, by virtue of the marriage of the applicant to the child’s mother on March 5, 1965.”

The files do not state how the office determined Obama was born in Honolulu.


So here we see the US Government looking into an application for Visa extension by Soetoro.  Further review of those documents reveal that the officials did not trust everything in Soetoro’s application.  Therefore, the Government officials wanted to establish whether Obama Jr. was truly a US citizen.  They made a direct inquiry on this very issue.   And they concluded that Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961.  Again, this was established by “W.L. Mix” of the central immigration office.

Having taken such an exhaustive look into Soetoro’s application, and especially considering the government’s examination of Obama’s citizenship, I don’t see how the government officials involved would have overlooked the fact that Stanley Ann Dunham would have been out of the US and far away in Kenya on the date W.L. Mix established as DOB for Obama – if Obama had been born in Kenya.

Furthermore, a report today by WND, “Documents show marriage of Obama’s parents a sham“, illustrates that a similar investigation as to Obama, Sr. was conducted when he was also applying for a Visa extension. Those official documents include a handwritten memo from the file, written by (presumed) INS official William Wood, which states that Obama Sr.’s son, “Barack Obama II”, was born in Honolulu on August 4, 1961.

Moreover, in today’s WND article, Jerome Corsi concludes, as a result of reviewing all of the relevant INS documents, that if President Obama was born in Kenya, Dunham must have traveled there without Obama Sr., who was definitely in the US on August 4, 1961, according to these US Government records.  This analysis by Corsi is correct.  Obama Sr.’s presence in the US at the time of Obama’s birth is now sufficiently documented.  This fact alone adds very heavy weight to President Obama having been born in the US.

I don’t see how two sets of US government officials, independently investigating the relationships between Soetoro and Dunham on one hand, and Obama Sr. and Dunham on the other, could both fail to reveal that Dunham would have been in Kenya at the time of Obama Jr.’s birth.  The government officials would’ve had access to Dunham’s passport files.  The contents thereof were relevant to the investigations since she was married to both men, and the marriages were relevant to immigration status, as was the issue of children.

Those who persist in accusing Obama of not being born in Hawaii do so in light of official government investigations, between 1961 and 1966, which established his birth, to the satisfaction of inquisitive government immigration officials, as having taken place on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. 

As far as I’m concerned, the issue is settled with a massive presumption of authenticity.  I do not see how the information published by WND regarding US immigration official W.L. Mix’s investigation into Obama’s US citizenship flew so far below the radar. That is the single most important fact I have come across that establishes Obama’s birth in Hawaii.


For those who insist on keeping the birther circus alive and kickin’ (despite the info listed above), I believe there is a simple way to settle the issue once and for all. I have found two references to the fact that the US Government keeps passport “issuance” records for all passports issued. The most recent is from Congressional testimony on the House floor from March 10, 1998:

“In addition, the committee on conference is aware that on weekends there is no Departmental procedure or mechanism to access the passport issuance records maintained by the Consular Affairs Bureau. The result is that when a foreign law enforcement authority inquires about the status of a person or passport on the weekend, the State Department does not or cannot respond. This is a clear deficiency in border security procedures.”  (See pg. 41/53 in the PDF counter.)

The second reference is to a US Government GAO report – written for the Secretary of State – that argued for the destruction of passport application materials. The destruction of such materials was the basis of more conspiracy theories as to Dunham’s various passport applications and renewals requested in a previous FOIA by Christopher Strunk.

Unfortunately, the FOIA request by Strunk, which has been well documented online, failed to request passport “issuance” records for Stanley Ann Dunham. Strunk only requested passport “application” materials. And the government’s reply to his FOIA request was specifically limited to passport “application” materials. Since Strunk didn’t specifically ask for passport “issuance” records, the government was not obligated to search for those records… but they do exist and they can be found.

The GAO report – which refers to passport issue cards – documents the destruction of passport application materials, but it notes that the Government retains all “old passport issue cards”:

“During numerous discussions with GSA about document retention periods, Department officials have presented many reasons for the continued storage of original passport applications. They have placed great emphasis in pointing out that old passport applications can be used to derive the citizenship of others…But other ways are just as reliable and effective… Should the Department need to verify if a parent was ever issued a passport, old passport issue cards have been microfilmed and can be referenced by the Department.”  (See pg. 44/70 in the PDF counter.)

Therefore, if Stanley Ann Dunham had been issued a passport prior to President Obama’s birth, there will be a passport issue card available with that information.  If no such card exists, Dunham did not have a passport prior to August 4, 1961, and Obama could not have been born in Kenya.  She would have needed a passport to be in Kenya.

It is my opinion that a proper FOIA request for passport issue cards (or copies thereof) will establish that Stanley Ann Dunham did not have a passport prior to August 4, 1961. Such a request must be SPECIFICALLY designed to eliminate all wiggle room.  I suggest the following wording:

Please forward all passport issue cards and/or microfilm or microfiche copies, or any other copies thereof – or any other documents – which reference the issuance of any passport for Stanley Ann Dunham.  To be perfectly clear in my FOIA request, please understand that I am NOT interested in passport application materials.  Please limit your response and documents to passport issue cards or copies thereof – as well as any other documents – which the government possesses for Stanley Ann Dunham that refer to her being issued a US passport.

Any FOIA request should NOT ask for more than the passport issuance materials.  I cannot stress enough how important it is that the FOIA be strictly limited as suggested above.  Such a FOIA should end this conspiracy theory with authority and finality.

I should note that I have come across a certain rabid Obama eligibility supporter who alleges to have done a proper FOIA request as to passport issuance materials.  I do not trust this source and I do not have access to the EXACT wording of the alleged FOIA request. Suffice to say that anyone who wants true closure on the place of birth issue should do a FOIA – strictly worded as I have suggested above – requesting passport issuance documents for Stanley Ann Dunham.

I nominate the folks at WND to take this on and make all aspects public since they are the main news resource for this issue.  They are invited to take the suggested FOIA request as written above (in red) and to run with it.

The fourth estate has the power and responsibility to see this through.  They should thoroughly document the exact wording of the FOIA request, and they should also document the stages of compliance by the government to such a request as is required by law.  Definitive documentation regarding whether Stanley Ann Dunham held a passport prior to August 4, 1961 is readily available to the public.

The Government is required to respond to the EXACT request made.  No mention of passport application materials should be forwarded by the government in response to a properly worded FOIA request for passport issuance cards (or other issuance documents).  We know the cards/documents exist and that they are necessary to the government as is proved by the GAO report and Congressional testimony.

The GAO notes in their report from 1981 that while passport application materials may be destroyed, “passport issue cards” are kept.  This is beyond dispute.

If no passport issuance documents can be found for Obama’s mother prior to his date of birth, then he could not have been born in Kenya.

I am not a person who needs to see anymore proof.  I believe now and have always believed President Obama was born in Hawaii.  But if you still have doubts, this line of inquiry is crucially necessary.

The BC issue and the birther circus surrounding it have served Obama well. Like Chester Arthur before him, the nation was thoroughly distracted by the place of birth faux conspiracy whilst the true legal question concerning his dual national status – despite place of birth – was obscured.

Everyone loves a big green juicy salacious conspiracy theory. That’s much more fun than a certified boring legal question, the answer to which was never in the hands of Obama, whereas the BC always was.  He who controls the game, controls the outcome.  (“Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” – Johnny Rotten)

I am writing this to clear your attention spans for what will be the most authoritative and well documented analysis I have to offer on the dual national issue concerning Obama’s perpetual POTUS eligibility dilemma.  I do not want the circus to obstruct the law.  If you understand the importance of this post, you will pass it on far and wide so the attention of the nation can focus on the true Constitutional crisis.

Leo Donofrio, Esq.

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  1. naturalborncitizen Says:

    I will catch up on comments as soon as possible. I’m just swamped right now. – Leo

  2. the only issue you didnt cover…would have been that BHO was not actually born on Aug 4…

    ed. Well, then this conspiracy theory must go all the way back to 1961… and when the two separate government investigations were going on, then the Dunham’s must have lied to the INS to cover for their daughter not being in the US when she gave birth… and they must have really had some sort of incredible power of suggestion and hypnosis to know that their lying would not be uncovered by the INS who could simply check her passport records and see if a. she has a passport and b. she was out of the country… back in 1961-1966 I’m sure the INS people knew their future President needed a break… so even though they were investigating his father and step-father…they would have been ignorant or looked the other way when it came to Dunham’s passport…and that’s the ticket… please. It’s getting silly now. – Leo

  3. BlackSunshine84 Says:

    A white label product ( i.e wl mix) is one sold by a company to another company to be repackaged and sold as that company’s own. Is there anyway to find out if W.L. Mix was even a real immigration officer?

    ed. if all of this is a fraud… INS documents, State Dpt docs… then the number of people involved is staggering and it goes all the way back to 1961… and if they can make things look this good what makes you think they can’t supply a top notch BC fraud? At some point, you have start looking at all of the evidence and circumstances… if your position is that everything is a fraud, then evidence is not important to you…only conclusions and being stubborn about them matters. That’s not truth or deduction… that’s just crap. The guy was born in Hawaii and he played the BC ala Chester Arthur… like a fiddle. To me, the Holy Grail of this whole issue is not a foreign BC, but rather a collegiate or law school paper by Obama on Chester Arthur and Hinman. – Leo

  4. what about a passport card for BHO going to pakistan…hmm hmm…

    next topic

    why would he not just present a valid long for BC….and why wait for over 2 years…

    its not like WND didnt cover it, no?

    ed. he didn’t present one because it served his purposes not to… not showing it distracted the nation from his genuine eligibility issue. The BC thing was a chess move… the guy and his team are way smarter than you seem to be capable of imagining. It’s really impressive if you see the big picture… from a purely tactical viewpoint it was executed with perfect acumen… a good strategy with excellent tactical support. That’s all it ever was. – Leo

  5. Garrett Papit Says:


    You make very good arguments…I thought the same thing when I read those articles, and when I read the same info in Corsi’s book. This is definitely good supporting evidence that Obama was born in HI, but I’m not sure it is conclusively established. I honestly am not convinced that Obama was NOT born in HI…but I still don’t feel that it has been proven that he WAS. The main contention among the birthers is that Obama was issued a valid HI BC based on fraudalent statements from his family members. If that is the case, then he would have valid Hawaiian documentation…which I assume would satisfy any investigation by the INS. That is why it’s so important to determine how the INS came to that finding. If they are merely relying on the info on Obama’s short-form, or long-form, and it turns out that HI got it wrong…then by extension, the INS got it wrong also.

    I find Linda Lingle’s statement that Obama was born at Kapiolani to be stronger evidence that he was born in HI than the evidence provided by the INS investigation. Firstly, Lingle was in HI and had access to the source document. Secondly, she names the hospital…which would rule out that he was fraudently reported as a home birth by his family after the fact…and that is really the question. Was he indeed born in a hospital, in a manner that can be corroborated by others, or was he a home birth? I’m still unsure. I am 100% sure that he was legally born in HI, as far as the state of HI is concerned. The question is, were they hoodwinked and can this be backed up with hospital documentation? For the life of me, I can’t think of one reasonable explanation as to why Kapiolani would not proudly claim their hospital as the birth place of the first African-American president. From what I’ve heard, they won’t even confirm that he was born there.

    The passport angle is also very smart. That would conclusively prove that he wasn’t born in Africa…I agree. However, I don’t think that would rule out Canada…I don’t think a passport was needed to travel there. Obama’s mom, as I’m sure you know, was in Washington state just a few weeks after giving birth. Is it possible she was already there when she went into labor and drove across the border to deliver him with fewer costs?

    I don’t think that these remaining questions need to distract from the NBC issue though. I, for one, am very interested in your new evidence and will present it to anybody that will listen.

    ed. I agree that the passport issue card would not rule out birth in Canada or Mexico… but certainly Kenya. That’s why my article is carefully worded regarding Kenya. But the INS officials seem to give this proper determination. – Leo

  6. I, too, would definitely like to see this particular thread pursued to its logical end.

    There are, of course, several lose ends involved in this line of enquiry. Such a FOIA request for passport issue cards would only establish the fact that US immigration officials longer have such a document in their possession — not necessarily that such a document was nver created.

    Moreover, Sam Benson’s notes do not reveal just how he arrived at his conclusion. These issue may sound trivial to most, but if your true objective is to obtain an unassailable fact as to Obama U.S. citizen, such documentation as you have presented herein amounts to simple hearsay.

    Lastly, if Stanley Ann Durham actually gave birth to Obama II in Canada, I am not sure a passport would have been necessary.

    In the end, all birthers are seeking is “proof” where and when Barack Obama II was born and by whom. To this end, a truly authenticated hospital-issued birth certificate remains the most effective document Obama can produce to “prove” his birthright.

    ed. He won’t show definitive proof because it’s better for him that he doesnt. The amount of evidence now is just too big… furthermore, the passport issue cards are kept as the reports listed indicate. Unlike application materials, the issue cards are kept to help determine future citizenship issues as the GAO noted. If she had one in 1961, the issue card will be there. As for attacking the credibility of two separate govt investigations which directly looked into Obama’s place of birth, I have no interest. Nothing will convince people who have an agenda. Nothing. – Leo

    ex animo

  7. Thanks… Love the blog… I should have went to law school…. sigh

  8. prevere Says:

    Maybe now the BC distraction can be laid aside and we can get to the meat of the issue…
    BHO cannot be a NBC because, as WND is finding out, his father WAS and remained a British Citizen at the time of BHO’s birth. Born on the soil, though questioned by many, has merely been the biggest impediment to the acknowledged divided loyalty he had/has. Take Obama at his fraudulently posted BC word. His father (jurisdiction follows the father) precludes him from ever becoming POTUS. How many will now get real with this issue? As an aside, I’d like to relay my disappointment in my fellow Americans who, when asked for their definition of NBC, will more likely than not, say, being born on the soil. Period.
    I don’t know how to get it through to these people that by that definition, an Osama Bin Laden impregnated mother could come across our pourus southern border and give birth on American soil to a child who could later become POTUS.

    Is this what you understand our founding fathers wanted for this country? What part of divided loyalties are folks having a hard time understanding?

    What part of the McCain NBC Senat Resolution (511 April of 2008) is so hard to understand?

    My work will continue until this usurper is removed but I fear this will not occur until and unless everyone following the BC issue comes up to speed on the real issue… “natural born Citizen”.

    The Lame Stream Media continues to avoid, at all costs, having this discussion. They will say that nowhere in the Constitution does it define NBC. Well, duh, it doesn’t define any words as it is NOT a dictionary. The founders new very well what it means…
    DO YOU????? If you answered no then google it.

    Carl Swensson

  9. nbpundit Says:

    The birthplace has always been a red herring. Obama has truly profitted from it.
    What now needs clearing is the status of his citizenship while he was living in
    Indonesia as the step son of LoLo Soetero
    Because if he was repatriated, that too makes him ineligible.

    ed. Not true. As a minor, you can’t lose your US citizenship. – Leo

    The dual citizenship is of course the first thing that should have been addressed
    causing him to be judged ineligible to accept the nomination and to be a sitting

  10. Another issue I have with the complete dismissal of the Obama born in Kenya thread is the issue of the missing Kenya files. If Obama wasn’t born in Kenya why would someone go through the of removing files and needlessly exposing themselves to criminal prosecution if there were no natal files for Barack Obama II in their archives to begin with?

    My source:

    ex animo
    Is it just me or are some of my posts evaporating?

    ed. None of your posts have evaporated. Your level of proof is rather low. Anything that you read which supports your position, from whatever the source, you accept, but govt documents form the 60’s you will not… You see what you want to see, not what’s really there. – Leo

  11. Here is what I don’t understand. Why would a government official have trouble establishing Obama’s place of birth for FIVE YEARS as you suggest?

    ed. Where do you get five years? Read the article again. There were two investigations re two separate husbands, five years apart… both have notations that Obama was born in Hawaii… both! – Leo

    Wouldn’t a government official simply call the state of Hawaii, speak directly to an official and request a photostatic copy of the BC? Privacy laws were practically nonexistent to my knowledge in 1961. So, apparently something was amiss even then.
    I personally began reading this blog in early 2009 and have always believed Obama was born in Hawaii. That is, until this latest “long form” was released. It is an utter sham. The fonts alone are proof it is a construction. Note that Director Fukino claims when asked specifically about the BC that she saw the “vital records”. She also claimed they were half written, half typed. Note that the “long form” just released has a certification from Onaka that is a “true copy or ABSTRACT of record on file”. In other words, there isn’t nor has there ever been a BC, the state of Hawaii just believes he was born there because they have some records on file. I was born in Michigan. The state of Michigan has many records on me besides my BC. They would have immunization, schooling, legal etc. These prove I spent time there, not that I was born there. It could still be that Obama was born there, BUT IT IS UP TO HIM TO PROVE. Not for us to disprove. Imagine if I tried to get a national security job and when asked for proof of citizenship simply sniped, “prove I’m not a citizen”.
    Many people try to claim this is a conspiracy theory in the broadest terms. I refer to Murray Rothbard when discussing conspiracies: “Secondly, the bad conspiracy analyst seems to have a compulsion to wrap up all the conspiracies, all the bad guy power blocs, into one giant conspiracy. Instead of seeing that there are several power blocs trying to gain control of government, sometimes in conflict and sometimes in alliance, he has to assume – again without evidence – that a small group of men controls them all, and only seems to send them into conflict.”
    In other words, there are many conspiracies, its only when you think there is one big one you’ve got a problem. When we realize that the state of Hawaii in the early 60’s allowed relatives to claim you were born without ever seeing the baby, and that many babies were born at home, and that the Dunham’s would obviously want Obama to be a U.S. Citizen, that is not some conspiracy theory. When we note that William Ayers brags in his books about making up false identities when he was a member of the Weather Underground, it isn’t a conspiracy. He did so, by the way, by stealing names of dead babies out of graveyards and getting social security cards made up for them. When we find out that Obama procurred a social security number from the state of Conneticut sometime in Spring of 1977, while he was in Hawaii, and that none of his family ever lived or visited there…..its not a conspiracy. When we find out that Obama apparently had his name changed to attend a school in Indonesia, its not a conspiracy theory.
    Bottom line, I’m more than happy to address his eligibility simply on the dual citizenship issue, but we have every right and reason to doubt this man’s origins and background.

  12. Laurence S. Eraut Says:

    My Fellow Americans June 9, 2011
    Even if he was born in Hawaii, his father was at that time, resident of Kenya, never ever a resident of USA, let alone a citizen of USA. Because his father was not a resident of USA, Barack was not a “natural born” citizen. His mother was born in USA, that could make him a “native born” citizen, not a “natural born” citizen. Because his father was resident of Kenya, at that time a British Colony, he inherited British citizenship, A President of the USA cannot be a dual citizen. There are those who say that because he was born in USA, he could be President. The constitution demands Natural Born but his father was never an immigrant or legal resident of the USA, so he was not “natural born” , at best, he was only “native born”, not “natural born”. The Constitution matters.
    His father, Lolo VISITED the USA, but was never a legal RESIDENT of USA.
    The Constitution matters. As an Indonesian Citizenship student, Barry visited
    the USA, then continued residency here,as a FOREIGN student, pretending with stolen social security numbers, to be a USA Citizen. Barry Soetoro never was a USA citizen, else why would he have to steal dead persons’s social security numbers? The SSN he is using now makes him to be 121 years old.

  13. Dr. Conspiracy made a FOIA request. Here are the results from this thread:

    ed. Read my article again… his request must have left wiggle room for the repsonse. The sample FOIA request I have published leaves no wiggle room. It is my opinion that Obama is doing everything he can to make it look like there is a conspiracy as to his place of birth… he wants it to look like there’s a there there. But the only there is here. He who has ears to hear…hear here. – Leo

  14. Larry the Grunt Says:

    The BC issue has been a non-starter all along. It really does not matter where Obama, Jr. was born because of the nationality of his father (Englis v. Sailor’s Snug Harbor, 1830; British Nationality Act, 1949)

    Emperor O could have been born on the White House lawn, with the SCOTUS bringing gifts, and the entire Congress singing the “Hallelujah Chorus” and it would not change a thing.

    Emperor O is a dual citizen and can never qualify as a natural born Citizen.

  15. Excellent posting, right on target.
    Again the “fake” birth certificate falls right into the Unsurpers plan
    If others continue this path I have no doubt the original with the same info will appear right around October 2012
    And the real issue of NBC will be roadkill

  16. Harry H Says:

    Kudos for providing effective wording for an FOIA request, but it seems you are highly selective in admitting evidence that bears on a Hawaiian birth for Obama. A wise man proportions his belief to the preponderance of the evidence, not just a portion of the evidence that supports his predisposed view.

    Surely there is still good reason–such as Hawaii’s well-known laxity in registering births and abundant expert opinon re Obama’s long-form fraud–to doubt Obama’s HI nativity.

    And I see no reason to assume that a “(presumed) INS official” who was primarily interested in approving a visa for Lolo Soetero was assiduous in affirming original documentation regarding the stepchild.

    ed. Not one, but two separate officials, in two separate investigations, five years apart… that plus the rest of the support form current Hawaii DOH officials… plus everything else I have read convinces me that the man was born in Hawaii… I see no credible evidence otherwise… reports of Kenyan BCs and all that crap are not reliable to me. INS investigations re Visa applications are reliable to me. The birthers now must make three huge assumptions for their claims that he was born abroad –

    1. that his 18 year old mother went to Kenya without Obama Sr. just to give birth there – ridiculous IMHO

    2. that W.L. Mix didn’t do a good job or was hoodwinked

    3. that second govt official was also hoodwinked

    whatever. – Leo

  17. Wait one minute! Just a couple of days ago we read her
    where a participant wrote that they had found where Barack
    OBAMA had applied for his name change in CANADA!

    The article stated that it was backed by the Canadian
    counselor or someone in the Canadian governent that Barack
    (within the 1980’s) had his name changed to Barack OBAMA.
    I would not write this but when they said it was information
    from a government department , ……I assumed it to be correct.

    The person posting then gave a pretty gooe idea of why she
    attended that school there in the NORTHWEST!

  18. What then are we to make of the recent birth certificate fiasco?

    I remember making a comment on a blog somewhere that if all this is a cruel joke, it’s not funny. It apparently is a cruel joke.

    If Obama really did go through with all these elaborate theatrics merely to keep the focus on his place of birth, it does not say much for his character.

    Did he deliberately have the birth document digitally created with all the anomalies just for his own amusement?

    None of this makes sense to me. What am I missing?

    ed. you are missing the fact that up until October 27, 2008, nobody had raised his true eligibility issue… and the faux BC issue continues to cloud the real issue. It’s a classic bait and switch…smokescreen. You and millions are missing the same thing. The BC – which he controls and always will control – is a red herring. He does not control the fact that he was a dual national at birth. But as long as people focus on the BC, he is happy to have them so focused. – Leo

  19. constitutionallyspeaking Says:


    FOIA requests were made in great detail covering all names and dates for Obama’s mother, have gone to court, court ordered release of all documents however the court ordered ALL of Obama’s mothers records to be released, the person that made the request only received Obama’s mother’s passport records beginning with a 1967 renewel application in which Obama was listed but crossed off and a new last name given to him. According to the US state dept, the reason he was crossed of is because he was removed from his mother’s passport. So we do know for sure that she had a passport as early as 1965 and Obama was listed on it. HOWEVER…the 1965 application and any that may have preceded it are said to be destroyed.

    ed. You are wrong this time. Carefully examine the wording of Strunk’s FOIA… it only asks for passport application records… and so the Govt only responded as to passport application materials… these are different records from passport issue cards… the government simply answered the request that was made… they were only required to respond regarding passport APPLICATIONS not passport issuance records. Go check it out for yourself. The Government was not asked for passport issuance cards by Strunk. It needs to be done if people want to be sure. The Govt only admitted to losing or destroying the application records… but the records of passports issued are kept on microfilm and if she had one in 1961 a record will show that.- Leo

    STINKY doesn’t even begin to cover this one. Also, Dr Conspiracy is an Obama supporter that surfs the net to try and discredit our work. He is one of the biggest obfuscators out here on the world wide web.

    ed. That is why his FOIA request and his testimony thereto cannot be left as the only one on this issue. Others must also FOIA with requests that leave no wiggle room. If you tell them that you are specifically NOT interested in any passport application records and that you are requesting the passport issue card(s) for Dunham, that is what they must respond to. So far only one person has done a FOIA for these records and that is not where the story should be allowed to end. – Leo

  20. ed. Where do you get five years? Read the article again. There were two investigations re two separate husbands, five years apart… both have notations that Obama was born in Hawaii… both! – Leo

    My apologies. I read the first article on WND when it was posted, and then reading your recap thought it was referring to a singular event. I agree with your take on his mother’s passport…I’m not gonna hold my breath on getting the info. Am I wrong in assuming that you didn’t read the Corsi book? I’m curious as to why you reject the Kenyan “evidence”…is it that you believe the officials over there are corrupt, that they have been forged etc?

    ed. I believe the US INS records are much more reliable than unsupported allegations from persons regarding Kenya… and now Corsi is admitting that Obama Sr. was not in Kenya in August 1961. The circus is breaking up. – Leo

  21. fathertime Says:

    I have problem with Obama’s mom time line for lots of her life and the time line to give birth in Kenya or Hawaii and off to Washington State in just a few days to weeks is a little too much with new baby and Mother.

    I can see the two Officials making a quit call to the HDOH it see if Obama had a Birth register in Hawaii and not thinking any deeper other on the surface Obama was born in Hawaii unless these investigations state the evidence they had.

    If the evidence is bad then the assumption will be bad.

    I’ll wait to see what evidence these Officials had before I say this prove Obama was born in Hawaii.

    ed. Don’t stop there… if this were the fraud you think it was… you have to consider that the INS was trying to see if these men, while requesting Visa extensions, were who they said they were – if the facts of the marriage and children were straight. It makes sense that they would look into Dunham as well, to see if she had a passport – they would know if she had left the country. If she was out of the country in August 1961… how does she – marrying a foreigner – believe that the govt wont ever find out she was out of the country? Then let’s consider that Obama Sr was – beyond question – in the US in August 1961. Then the same goes for the Soetoro INS investigation. Fuggedabout it… The evidence, real evidence is coming out now. The true conspiracy is why Obama has helped fester this rotten BC crap. That’s the conspiracy. – Leo

  22. constitutionallyspeaking Says:

    I also do not completely buy into a Kenyan birth, however I cannot rule it out. I am also not ruling out a Canadian birth which seems more plausible. Dunham had an uncle & aunt who lived in a small town on the border where the only hospital was on the Canadian side of the border. It was common back then. Palin is a good example. Her parents moved to a small town in Alaska near the Canadian border & they frequently had to travel across the border for medical treatment. This was a huge issue during the 2008 campaign & continued into the obamacare debate, that Palin’s used Canadian socialist healthcare.

    The fact that Dunham was in Seattle with baby in tow less than 2 wks after giving birth, lends to either an earlier birth than what is listed or birth very close to the vicinity of Seattle where she did have family.

    ed. Why? She was 18. She was healthy. She was young and wanted to start college. None of the so called “evidence” the BC people point to is anything more than hearsay and very circumstantial. yet those same people doubt govt record from 1961-1966… and all the other stuff, newspaper announcements, Hawaii officials… OK, you can doubt anything and everything… but really, those who want to believe the not born in US theory will never stop… nothing would convince them, nothing. That’s because OBama has played this game well. Having nothing to hide, he hid what was not necessary to hide… and by doing so he also hid what was necessary to hide… that his eligibility issues are not in his control the way the BC thing is. – Leo

    Also, the fact that the baby could be registered in HI without actually being there, hence the refusal for so long to release a long form and then now releasing an obviously fraudulent one is a no brainer. Also the fact that he is using a CT SSN just gives credence to a problem with his citizenship from birth.

    I still believe the NBC / 2 parent issue is the most important because of the constitutional implications, but no worries. I read in today’s news they are moving forward to change that permanently, allowing all born with only one parent to be NBCs. We definately are now living in a country ruled by men & not constitutional law.

    I’ve done all the research & pleading with my US Rep & Senators I can on the US citizenship issue & am now giving to over to God and doing everything I can to make my spiritual life right with Him. After 2 1/2 years of constant contact with DC over the definition of US citizenship, I am flat disgusted & burnt out. They are so self involved in their political careers, not even the most conservative of conservatives has any brass to stand up for the truth anymore.

  23. Leo, I noticed the evidence claiming Obama was born in Hawaii as well and was confused by the report considering WND acted as if it were conclusive in the opposite direction. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I still believe it is his dual-citizenship that is the real problem for him, however, at this point I also believe no court or Congressional player will touch it. Obama may lose the next election partly for playing fast with the American people over his BC but he will never resign and he will never be removed. We are stuck with the blight he has laid upon our country.

  24. The relevant admission at FTS is the clue to Obama’s defense if his back is to the wall. It never actually says that BO Sr. IS his father. Recent findings about BO Sr’s INS record also shows that he did not claim BO 2 as his son.

    Here is FTS again, read it closely:

    “When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children.

    Since Sen. Obama has neither renounced his U.S. citizenship nor sworn an oath of allegiance to Kenya, his Kenyan citizenship automatically expired on Aug. 4,1982.”

    It is very carefully worded, and never says that BO Sr. is BO 2’s father, and the first paragraph strangely disconnects the fact of BO 2’s birth in Hi. and the fact that BO Sr was Kenyan. The second paragraph also strangely disconnects BO 2 from BO Sr. with the “Obama Sr’s children” language. While a divorce decree has been found, there is no record of the Dunham/Obama marraige. Obama 2 may not know who his father was, and Obama Sr. may hane only lent his name for legitimacy purposes. The defense would be that the Kenyan Citizenship of BO 2 was only by the assumption of Kenya that BO Sr. was BO 2’s father, when in reality that was not the case.

    ed. You are being silly. Sorry, but this is not credible to me. – Leo

  25. borderraven Says:


    Even if Ann Obama held a US passport she would need UK visa from the local UK consulate in advance of travel, and a motive to travel there without her husband, while she was pregnant. Long odds.

  26. And likewise the British citizenship of Obama 2 would be reality only by the assumption that BO Sr. was actually BO 2’s father, or that they were married. If Dunham was not actually married to BO Sr. (or if BO Sr. was not the blood relation) then the British govt. would not assume the allegiance of BO 2.

    ed. I don’t want to discuss remote fantasies. – Leo

  27. IceTrey Says:

    I’m afraid I have to agree with Garrett Papit on this. I mean even Sun Yat-sen has a Hawaiian BC. If the INS called the HDOH and asked if Sun had a valid HBC they’d say yes. As for Kapiolani being the hospital of record, if someone took a baby into the hospital to have a doctor confirm the birth, that doctor and hospital would be the ones “of record”, even though the baby was not born there. I think the lax rules in 1961 just make it very hard to ever say with 100% certainty that ANYONE was born there. With Obama there are no pictures of him as a newborn. No one who knew Sr. knew he had a baby or was even married. Why does everyone involved have a weird name, U K L Lee, W. L. Mix, E. F Lavender? It’s just all so very strange.

    ed. You are falling for their ruse. Enjoy the distraction. – Leo

  28. If you believe that the above proves that Obama was born in Hawaii, you’re not very good at logic and reasoning. They (the two little facts you quoted) don’t “prove” any such thing. It looks like you’re just trying to tie up loose ends so you can peddle your next attention getter.

    You, of all people, should know that just because government officials say or believe something doesn’t mean it is true.

    Once again, Leo: Does it make any sense whatsoever that Hawaiian officials would fight so hard to cover up Obama’s birth records, if Barry was born in Hawaii?

    ed. Yes, it does make sense. That’s the way he wanted it. If you want to ignore the established fact that Obama Sr was in the US throughout August 1961, go right ahead. Enjoy the distraction they are hitting you up with. Fantasize about your Kenyan BC, drool over it… the BC thing is a disease of distraction. But you go ponder it all you like. I’ll peddle my shit here as I see fit. I think I would love to have you at my poker table. It would be a good game as we say… now go look up the definition of “good game” in poker. A good game is one with lots of fish. I smell fish. – Leo

    The answer is obvious. And because it’s so obvious, we “birthers,” as you so condescendingly called us, will never give up our quest to expose the facts about Barry Soetoro.

    America deserves the truth, not wishful, self-serving gullibility.

    ed. No truth would satisfy you. Nothing would change your mind. Nothing. It would be forged, right?. You dont believe the INS did a good enough job investigating all of this in the 60’s when they were truly looking into Dunham’s husbands? If she lied to them she did so knowing all they had to do was see if she had been out of the country. Nobody wants to discuss that. And now you want to ignore the fact that Obama Sr was here. So why would she be in Kenya alone? Im sure you can fashion a reason. I’d rather play poker with you then discuss the BC though. – Leo

  29. charlesmountain Says:

    The evidence of Obama not being a NBC is clear, However with all due respect, this issue alone simply will not receive the necessary coverage or proper judicial scrutiny in order to have him removed from office. The fraudulent BC together with SS theft

    ed. I predict this is another red herring. The documents WND uncovered show that Obama Sr lived in Connecticut… who knows what that all means. The fiddler plays on…- Leo

    ed. UPDATE, it was Maryland Sr. used as an address, not Conn. My bad on that one. I still don’t believe the SS# thing is going anywhere, nor have I seen any real proof that people have uncovered his full SS#… I can’t seem to make the same discoveries others claim to have made. – Leo

    and their felonious criminal implications must be used as the primary vehicle for removal. Once the size and scope of this hoax is brought to light , Obama’s ineligibility can easily be proven. There seems to be no question the evidence points to obvious dual citizenship, either from birth in Kenya, the passing of citizenship through his father, or the Soetoro adoption. Obama at worst is hiding a foreign birth or at best an Indonesian citizenry. If a legitimate Hawaiian, hospital generated birth certificate does exist, it most likely will show Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetoro. Address the criminality and the ineligibility will follow.

  30. charlesmountain Says:

    The idea that Obama will release a legitimate BC in October 2012 is unlikely because it will not negate the criminal forgery and conspiracy behind this one. Nor will it help him get re-elected since the American people will have realized they have been played as fools. The original intention was to release this forgery around October 2012 for state ballot purposes, but his hand was forced.

  31. When you look back at the initial complaint from Phil Berg, you’ll notice – as I did then – that it is a mish mash of every conspiracy theory that existed on the internet at the time. I always wondered why noone filed a plain and simple suit that challenged only his father’s citizenship, nothing else. I guess the complaint would have been much to short, and lawyers charge by the hour;-)

    I wondered then if Berg, a Clinton supporter, wasn’t actually working for Obama. His case contained everything, everything that is except a definition for natural-born citizen. If you’re one of the people who continues to believe that the birth certificate is a phony, well it is. It’s a digitally manufactured document that contains all of the elements of the real document. It’s designed this way to keep people concentrated on the red herring – the birth certificate. Obama was born in Hawaii.

    The reason Obama has spent however many millions to keep the case out of court has nothing to do with hidden secrets, it has to do with “rolling the dice”. Right now Obama is President, he should know as a “Constitutional scholar” what the definition of nbC is and ALSO that nbC status and Presidential eligibility has never been ruled on by a court of law. If a case were ever to get to the merits stage, Obama would be gambling on a ruling in his favor. Let’s face it, if a court were to rule that an nbC was born in this country to TWO citizen parents AND NOTHING ELSE, then Obama would be screwed. So he pays his two million dollars (like buying insurance while playing blackjack) to make sure he never has to roll those nbC dice.

    In the meantime, and with the help of a compliant press, he does everything he can to stir up controversy surrounding his birth. The release of his long-form was timed to snuff out Corsi’s book, whose name is made laughable once Obama released his long-form. The press gets to have a field day with anyone who thinks that Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii. They always said birthers were crazy, they always said that even if Obama released his long-form birth certificate, it wouldn’t matter to birthers who would just say it was a fake. Surprise, surprise, that’s exactly what happened.

    If you believe that Obama is not an nbC because of his father’s citizenship and you also continue to believe that he wasn’t born in Hawaii – do yourself and the country a favor – forget about the birth certificate, Obama has won that one, that issue is a dead horse and is unwinnable.

    Personally, I think it doesn’t matter what any of us OR EVEN A COURT says at this point. Obama is President and can only be removed by Congress. The House would have to impeach him and the Senate would have to find him guilty.


  32. I’ve been thinking lately about a possible avenue that may prove useful. Once upon a time, the electoral college was actually selected and it was the electoral college that picked a President. At some point, the process got turned around backwards and the people got to vote for President directly. It’s gotten to the point in some states where the electors are just figureheads who are directed by state law exactly how they can vote. In a few states, the vote is taken away from the electors altogether if a candidate wins the popular vote.

    However, in those halcyon days, did the electoral college ever have reason to exclude someone because they didn’t have nbC status? The electoral college actually used to physically meet didn’t it? Anyone know where the minutes of these meetings can be found? Were these meetings secret?

    Just some food for thought,


  33. wyzwurd Says:

    Regardless of the reason Obama’s administration has given the long form birth certificate, it’s been proven by experts to have been manipulated and is therefore a forgery, which means Obama and his administration committed fraud. Guilty of fraud regardless of citizen status.

    ed. It doesnt mean Obama is guilty of anything… not unless he himself forged something or can be proved to have approved such forgery. If subordinates took a real BC and made it look like a forgery… there’s no tie to him. Careful what you allege. These people are smarter than they are given credit for being. – Leo

    It has been proven by experts that Obama uses a stolen social security number. Another case of fraud. It doesn’t matter his citizenship status.

    ed. This has not been proved either. It’s been suggested, big difference. I tried to substantiate the arguments and could not do so. Most people do not read with the same eye as me. People are seeing exactly what they want to see which is exactly what they want you to see. You are being played like a fiddle. None of these allegations, BC, SS#… none of it will ever lead to anything. But enjoy the circus. Who am I to tell people what’s up? For some reason, people read this blog in droves… but hey, it’s all good, right. – Leo

    But his citizenship status matters to the rules of the Constitution, which outlines that a U.S. President must be a natural born Citizen. He is not, and he knows it, which means he has committed constitutional fraud.

    Leo, with all due respect because I admire your meticulous research, is the facts I’ve paraphrased above some silly conspiracy? For one man to be linked with those three crimes…those three major crimes…seems outlandish, but is the truth. What’s he going to do next? Kill God?

  34. in theory…you are right on the money…you have a supposed valid source for the info…the hawaiian government…and all that…that should be…a solid grounding for facts…lord knows the government is so efficient…the term bureaucracy was never based on something the federal government did or did not do…right or wrong…eh…even though such validation could be had simply by a phone call back then…no privacy laws protected any of Hawaii’s birth information back then…so its pretty simple to understand how they could validate a Hawaii birth…when the index data confirms it…or…trash in…trash out…so to speak, right…

    but then…why would they put an obviously forged LF BC on the White House web site and tell us…its real…when it isnt….

    proof…the BC was not scanned OCR…it was created….in either Acrobat or Illustrator….along with the earlier info i put in my last post…the record is in the file from the WH….OCR doesnt rotate groups of “letters” 90 degrees…

    presentation of a forged identity document like that BC…is a federal crime….

    so…it is reasonable to doubt the validity of the information…based on facts…there is sufficient reason to doubt the validity of claims that the Hawaii birth has been proven….(yet, you yourself know that this is still a red herring-obfuscating the real issue of NBC)

    either hawaii is lying or the WH…but that document is not a copy of any single document on file in Hawaii….since 1961…and that also is a fact

    ed. You fail to consider the one reason this is happening which actually makes sense… that it’s a bait and switch. Furthermore, there is a precedent for just such a distraction. Obama is playing right out of the Chester Arthur – Hinman playbook. There’s a report or lecture out there somewhere with Obama’s name on it. This is the document I am interested in. – Leo

  35. As I read all these entries, it strikes me as pathetic that we are all being duped by a man who calls himself the President of the United States and we have to figure out what the truth is because he won’t be accountable to the People. It’s as if we’re trying to piece together a crime for which the perpetrator is now deceased, as if he can’t answer for what he has done; what is ironic is that the we are the investigators and the victims and we are all dead too, by how this “murderer” has killed public trust and our Constitution.

  36. Sorry, I do not see the “Birth Certificate” issue as a red herring. If it were not an issue to begin with would these people be now looking at twenty years for document fraud.

    ed. Nobody is looking at even one day for document fraud. Keep dreaming. Nobody will be prosecuted for document fraud. That’s not going to happen. Guaranteed. – Leo

    Consider the source in both investigations. Both were attemping to remain in the U.S. Barack, Sr. to continue his schooling, Soetoro wanted to become a permanent resident.. The young Ann and Communist parents swooned Barack, Sr. for their affiliations and were well rehearsed when the next pigeon came along, Lolo Soetoro, if not the first. When Barack, Sr. arrived in Hawaii who was there but, ” dear old, dad”, for the photo opt. Ann’s parents were already known members of the Communist Party and under investigation. Covert action has always been the, “tit for tat”, with these comrades. What’s a lie here or there, or a fraudulent document., as long as it promotes their ideoligies and goals, whether foriegn or domestic. As bad of a document as presented, it wouldn’t suprize me if it was based upon another earlier depiction construed by the known affiliates to even the immigration authorities. At best, Ann pops up in Washington State with a newborn, out of the blue. She is never seen to be pregnant and doesn’t know how to change a diaper. She was perhaps even just fifteen when Barack, Sr., enters the wolves den. If a marraige occured their is no record, only a divorce record. Barack, Sr. was already married with a son,”Roy”, listed as who, “Obama 2”. If, “Obama, Jr.” was born in Hawaii it still looks to be a mere fabrication. Probably, shipped in, “parcel post” on August 4, 1961. Whether or not Immigration determined U.S. citizenship is irrelivient is an oxymoron, all-around.

    ed. You are delusional if you believe any of this. Just my opinion. – Leo

  37. Kevin J Says:

    Pardon my ignorance, but who is eligible to make a FOIA request? Can ordinary citizens make such a request or is it more credible if a request like that is made from someone with journalist credentials?


    ed. Since she is known to be deceased, any member of the public may FOIA her passport issuance records. – Leo

  38. kittycat77 Says:

    So, Leo, putting aside the BC issue for a moment, what do you think about the anomalies in the BO birth announcements and the index data book?

    ed. I think that it’s never going to end and it will never have closure for those who refuse to see how convenient the BC thing is for Obama. It has served him well. Furthermore, the more credible evidence suggests that he was born in Hawaii. What you say are anomalies may not be anomalies. If they want you believe he’s hiding something, you will. If he wanted you to believe he was born in Hawaii, you would believe that. The problem most can’t consider is that they have been played and taken for a ride. Their egos can’t handle that and he knows it. He has pwned everyone on this BC thing. It’s a classic bait and switch – 3 card monty. You could swear the queen is in the middle – but it’s not. This is a hustle. I have to respect it. I win poker tourneys by doing the same thing… lead the fish to the hook and help them swallow the bait. – leo

  39. borderraven Says:


    Obama allowed the wild goose chase to last over two years, while many people spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars seeking answers about his character. At some point Obama perpetrated a felony.

  40. kittycat77 Says:

    What do you mean “what you say are anomalies may not be anomalies”? This is a place where a whole lot of research has been brought forth, and it’s for the person to do the research him/herself.

    BTW, they truly are anomalies, TRUE anomalies in BO’s birth announcements.

  41. borderraven Says:


    For those who are hung up on the “forged” birth certificate:

    A PDF is not real, concrete or hardcopy, it is electronic, virtual and imaginary.

    The process used by Hawaii DOH to process the vault copy into a certified true copy is made suspicious with every process step. Hawaii DOH used a computer graphic method to produce Obama’s long form, which leads to distrust.

    If they would have stuck to the old-school photographic (micro) film to photo-paper method, then it would have produced the Nordyke twins and Edith Coats style long form, which is an authentic true copy.
    What Obama is flaunting shows variations in the curvature of the image, obviously a computer generated image.


    Now can we put the focus on his father and natural born citizen?

  42. borderraven Says:


    Mitt Romney was born in Detroit, Michigan. He was the youngest child of George W. Romney, a man of humble upbringing who by 1948 had become an automobile executive, and Lenore Romney.

    George Wilcken Romney (July 8, 1907 – July 26, 1995)

    George Wilcken Romney was thus born in Colonia Dublán, Galeana, in the Mexican state of Chihuahua – one of the Mormon colonies in Mexico – on July 8, 1907, to American parents.
    On the 10th of February, 1855, Congress passed an act,1 entitled ”An act to secure the right of citizenship to children of citizens of the United States, born out of the limits thereof,’ the second section of which provides, ‘that any woman, who might lawfully be naturalized under the existing laws, married, or who shall be married to a citizen of the United States, shall be deemed and taken to be a citizen.”
    (Repealed 1922)

    Act of Congress 1855 Derivative Naturalization

  43. borderraven Says:


    Everybody is a Journalist.

    O’Grady v. Superior Court of Santa Clara County

    ed. interesting case. thanks – leo

  44. Sally Hill Says:

    I do not understand why ppl are so focused on what they want to see and believe rather than seeing what is really there.

    I look at the situation from the other side…I try to prove my own theory wrong by arguing against what I believe. Helps me see what is really there more clearly with the rose colored glasses off :).

    You are so right. I too have believed he was born in Hawaii all long – it was the oddities that kept me questioning. After he released the BC with all the ‘irregularities’ I knew he (or his people) did it on purpose. They not only wanted, but needed to keep the attention on the BC. They are masterful – but why would anyone think differently? I mean this is the man who is touted to have ran ‘an almost flawless campaign’ – yet people somehow think he not smart enough to release exactly what he needed to release in order to stay in control of the issue.

    And we continue to let him control the issue. Sad.

  45. ed. I predict this is another red herring. The documents WND uncovered show that Obama Sr lived in Connecticut… who knows what that all means. The fiddler plays on…- Leo

    Could you please direct me to this information? I’ve listened to several interviews with Corsi, and he stated Obama Sr. never lived there, left America in 1965(?)or so when Harvard tried to run him off and never came back. Further, the law states if you are over the age of 12 you had to show up in person to file for SSN. This was issued in the Spring of ’77, was BHO there?

    ed. My mistake, he used a Baltimore address, not Connecticut. – Leo

  46. Leo,
    I did not mean to say that I Believed that Obama Sr. is not Obama 2’s father, merely that the strange wording, similar to the parsed wording by Fukino, in the relevant admission at FTS, seems to leave the narcissist an out. For years I have visted hostle territory of well known “Law blogs”, espousing the knowledge gained here, and eschewing any “conspiracy theory ” birth certificate talk. Believe me, we are on the same page.

    ed. you’ve been a regular member of the comment section… no worries. – Leo

  47. “…that it’s a bait and switch…”

    no…ive had that in mind from the start…but the fact…that they actually presented a forged BC…which is a federal crime…is the highlight that i am pushing…thats an impeachable offense…even to poffer that document as the real thing….is a misdemeanor….but above and beyond that…it should open the doors of discovery….into the question of eligibility…as it goes to the motivation of why would someone forge a birth certificate to prove eligibility for POTUS…

    if he were actually eligible…a true copy would end this whole thing…it doesnt matter if the BC forgery is a bluff…either way its criminal

    ed. good luck with that. – Leo

  48. Not being interested in any of the snipe hunts that had been created by the CI to cover-up the legend creted for the CFR’s BHO I merely sought to know where SAD OBAMA was on Aug 4, 1961. The John Brennan Jesuit crowd had already in 2007 been busy destroying records to prevent that in formation prior to 1967 from emerging and as such my simple question of DOS on Novermber 22, 2008 has me running back and forth to DC even a couple dayts ago.

    I had read the Soetoro / INS records last year and when combined with the just released BHO sr records from last month I agree with Leo that he missed something important.

    The real un answered question remains where did a large piece of the BHO campaign funds from overseas come from? Was it from Libya and the African Union and hows did those funds hit the New York landing banks to get to Obama for America and the Victory fund shepard over by Penny Pritzker?

    My New York case with the CFR crowd and BHO’s Republican Guard candidate McCain et al will answer that question.

    So Leo where do you stand on the opending bankruptcy of many states within the 10 GSA regions? In which it aoppears that Michigan may lead in the 5th GSA Region and is taking the form of the Emergency Financial Control Board tyope of structure that will wipe out specific state borders in the process.

    BHO had a British Subject father at his birth is not NBC and as such where ever the sperm comes from does not matter, as long as there is a HI Judge who was satisfied that the marriage of 2/1961 was entitled to a divorce decree on March 20, 1964; and further, that the HI marriage between SAD and Soetoro makes BHO II even without adoption as suspected an Indonesian, and adds many layers of problems upon the BHO II legend even when he wanted to go to Occidental College and necessitated the action that his grandma wanted him to be in 1977 a citizen. Howver, when she acquired for him a fresh ssn from the dead frenchman who she as the Bank of Hawaii probate officer discivered in HI probate court the man had died without issue and without registering such death with the SSA, since he had never filed for SSI coverage now is the ID for the mysterious BHO II in what can only be described as a very sophisticated identitiy theft that even the GRU would find admirable!

    Check out my humble attempt to open the mystery further:

    ed. Hey Chris, Im just staying focused on the dual national thing… but you do know they parsed their response to your FOIA based upon your request not asking for passport issuance materials, right? I’m encouraging anyone who will listen and who still needs more proof to do a FOIA exactly as I have drafted. It leaves no wiggle room. They don’t want to answer straight because if they do answer that she had no passport in 1961 then the Kenya thing is bye bye and the herd will focus on the dual national thing with a vengeance. They are killing the clock on the passport issue cards… – Leo

  49. prevere Says:

    Since none here have had any measure of success in getting the relevant documentation all would like to see, here’s one idea that WOULD work…
    Simply register as a candidate for Federal office, announce you are running for POTUS and when that window of opportunity occurs (Leo can tell us when that window opens up), file for the relevant documents.
    Any NBC American can do it. Heck, I’m just trying to determine if I’M and NBC because that’s exactly what I’ll do.

    ed. good luck with that. – Leo

  50. bob strauss Says:

    Coming from this administration, how do we know the INS documents aren’t forged as well, to make the usurper look legitimate?

    ed. Where does it end? You’re proving my point whether you know it or not. – Leo

  51. Bill Cutting Says:

    Thanks for posting this article. If i have to read one more birth certificate conspiracy comment, my head is going to explode.
    BHO born dual citizen/British Subject in HI, not NBC.
    End of story!

  52. Leo, more details please about the Chester Arthur – Hinman paper. I’d be happy to help in the search

    ed. I’m just speculating that Obama was very familiar with the Arthur Hinman nexus. I believe it inspired the BC smokescreen. – Leo

  53. Leo,

    I don’t care so much where Obama was born, he was born British, and claimed British Citizenship/Kenyan Citizenship into adulthood, which disqualified him. Basically, Obama has said, by his own words and internet sites, that he was born under the Jurisdiction of a foreign power. I don’t care if his ‘real’ father was, or was not, Obama Sr. because legally he has claimed, and been claimed by Obama Sr., making him the legal son there of. Be the above as it may, you must consider this;

    In the 1960’s Hawaii may have claimed Obama’s Birth based upon information filed by his Grandmother as a late birth. I have to disagree with you, the government officials are lazy enough not to have pursued the ‘details’ and accepted the document filed. The only way to be sure is to see the official weight, size, and FOOTPRINTS, which MUST be on file for a hospital birth. I am not claiming ‘conspiracy’ I’m just saying that making an assumption on CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence, as you have above, seems premature when hard evidence should be readily available.

    ed. You are only going to see something that looks real when it serves them to show it… I never said the evidence was conclusive. I said I am convinced. The circumstantial evidence, in my opinion, is overwhelming. Did you read the comments by the INS officials stating that they really needed to check out Dunham, that they thought OBama Sr. might not be on the level… they would have looked into her travel records if she had any… this is such a well organized circus. I feel sorry for all the people clinging to this strange hope they have which will NEVER be fulfilled…never ever. But it’s like a religion or something now. People can’t even imagine letting go. Whatever… I’m getting bored with all of it. The fake looking BCs are a master stroke. – Leo

    From a ‘conspiracy’ standpoint, I’m having trouble grasping why they forged the PDF of the long form BC, and the short form, when it would have been simple to release the real information. The loss of his records for submission for public school entry in Hawaii is also quite strange, as it would have claimed citizenship and birth. There should be a plethora of available documentation to support Hawaiian birth, unless Obama himself has CLAIMED OTHERWISE IN THE PAST and suppressed this information.

    It is clear that many documents have been suppressed, and records have been tampered with (passport files & school records), and these were ongoing events before the term ‘birther’ was coined in the middle of 2008. Such an effort requires coordinated efforts, just as Obama’s media support has required JournOlist support. That is by definition a conspiracy, not conspiracy theory.

    When you questioned other posters you were quick to notice how long lasting, how deep, and how many people would have to be involved to make that sort of thing happen, not born in Hawaii. Frankly, this very position was the one that made me believe, at the first site, that it just couldn’t be true. After the discovery of Journolist, the suppression of evidence and files, the payment of taxpayer money to help hide his records, the blind eye of the SCOTUS, Rezco never testifying for Blago, I began to wonder. I asked a more obvious question. How has this all occurred, and where does the power lie to keep the information buried?

    Leo, honestly, your assumption that this was a political staged event , or circus, to throw off investigation of his obvious British Citizenship, is in fact a “conspiracy” of itself!! I would personally call it a working ‘theory’, but the term ‘conspiracy’ is used to ridicule those whom would question. The public needs hard facts, needs a history of this person, so it could make an informed choice. That information has been ‘withheld’ for a reason, and I suspect the rabbit hole is really, really deep. Sorry about the ‘caps’ portion.

    ed. The evidence is overwhelming from my point of view. I have no doubt Obama was NOT born in Kenya. I have virtually no doubt that he was born in Hawaii. But maybe everyone is just smarter and more observant than I. 🙂 – Leo


  54. witch_wyzwurd Says:

    Regardless of the reason Obama’s administration has given the long form birth certificate, it’s been proven by experts to have been manipulated and is therefore a forgery, which means Obama and his administration committed fraud. Guilty of fraud regardless of citizen status.

    ed. It doesnt mean Obama is guilty of anything… not unless he himself forged something or can be proved to have approved such forgery. If subordinates took a real BC and made it look like a forgery… there’s no tie to him. Careful what you allege. These people are smarter than they are given credit for being. – Leo

    My Response:
    Leo, I don’t think Obama and his administration are that clever. I believe whatever they do can be unraveled, just like anything else can be figured out with the right information and determination. And I don’t believe Obama would give a national speech in which he presents a long-form birth certificate as his own without knowing if it was really his own or not. I think if he doubted its authenticity, he would at least be concerned with his own dignity in the public eyes and have it examined before claiming it as his own—now that would be clever. I understand where you’re coming from, and although it’s possible, I find it improbable. Let me ask you this: If you possessed a counterfeit $100 bill and didn’t know it was counterfeit or where you got it from and you went out and used it to buy something and the cashier checked for watermarks and found out it was counterfeit and called the police, could you get out of being prosecuted for passing counterfeit money with the excuse that you didn’t know where it came from? Now imagine if you told the police: “Yep! The $100 is mine!”

    It has been proven by experts that Obama uses a stolen social security number. Another case of fraud. It doesn’t matter his citizenship status.

    ed. This has not been proved either. It’s been suggested, big difference. I tried to substantiate the arguments and could not do so. Most people do not read with the same eye as me. People are seeing exactly what they want to see which is exactly what they want you to see. You are being played like a fiddle. None of these allegations, BC, SS#… none of it will ever lead to anything. But enjoy the circus. Who am I to tell people what’s up? For some reason, people read this blog in droves… but hey, it’s all good, right. – Leo

    My Response:
    Leo, I’m a musician. I’ve played the fiddle. I can hear the melody they’re playing. It’s disjointed and out of tune. Even though I’ve read your blog from day one, and agree with your articles pertaining to the nbC issue, sometimes I want to take your notes and put the back into rhythm. There’s copies of Obama’s Selective Service card with the heisted social security number he uses on it. How is that a suggestion? You’re not going to try and make me believe Orly Taitz and her crew of professional investigators that served in Homeland Security and the Scotland Yard anti-crime unit are concocting a story just to entertain me. Even as a kid, Leo, I never cared for circuses. The smell of elephant shit always made me cringe.

    ed. show me where the documents are that show Obama’s full SS#. I will examine. Please link to the exact SS#… – Leo

    But his citizenship status matters to the rules of the Constitution, which outlines that a U.S. President must be a natural born Citizen. He is not, and he knows it, which means he has committed constitutional fraud.

    ed. It’s not that simple. What he is guilty of is not being forthright about the issue with the American people. he’s guilty of not being a statesman, but I do not see this a crime. I see it as greed for office and power… I see it as a strike on the Constitution, but the strike is not illegal… but it is wrong. And the greater weight of law is not on his side for eligibility. But he didn’t break any law – Leo

    Leo, with all due respect because I admire your meticulous research, is the facts I’ve paraphrased above some silly conspiracy? For one man to be linked with those three crimes…those three major crimes…seems outlandish, but is the truth. What’s he going to do next?

    ed. It’s not that simple. What he is guilty of is not being forthright about the issue with the American people. he’s guilty of not being a statesman, but I do not see this a crime. I see it as greed for office and power… I see it as a strike on the Constitution, but the strike is not illegal… but it is wrong. And the greater weight of law is not on his side for eligibility. But he didn’t break any law – Leo

    (no response)

    My Response:
    Conspiracies that really happened or were planned to happen: Watergate…the Gulf of Tonkin…Project Northwoods…9-11 terrorist attacks (how many people knew about this one?)…groups of people going town to town and breaking into businesses and cars and never getting caught…every day drug deals…mob crimes…band robberies…on and on and on. Leo! Whole wars are planned with many, many, people conspiring, but yet the general public might never find out about them. Hell, even things that happen in wars are never admitted to. How about the economic crash that came crashing down a few years back? Do you believe it just happened one day without politicians, economic analysts, etc., knowing about it and using it for selfish means? Do you think that the big bonuses payed out to these bank officials just happened on a spur of the moment decision? Aren’t you the one claiming that a judge changed important testimony regarding the Chrysler/Fiat fiasco? Is that judge a lone wolf?

    I respect your research Leo, but your dogged denial of some of the non-nbC information concerns me. Hey, I’m not saying you have to write articles and agree with everyone else and I’m not claiming a judge or the Congress is going to care about whatever the truth is, but to assert that anything but the nbC issue is pretty much unfactual crap is a bit premature. And let’s play fair: if anyone has a bizarre conspiracy theory whipped up, it’s Steven Pidgeon. I know that pisses you off, but “Barack is the son of Malcolm X because Stanley Ann might’ve been in New York at the time Malcolm X gave a speech” is quite a stretch. At least people are doing the best they can to present facts and care about a country they might’ve never thought about caring about before.

    We care about your research Leo, but don’t insult us for not putting all of our eggs in one basket just yet or ever. Remember, just a couple of weeks ago you said you were done with this issue (for like the third time), and yet, here we still cheer you on (for like the third time).

    ed. If you take what I say as an insult… then that’s on you. I speak my mind here. My mind is not with you on this. Not at all. If people want to come here and comment, don’t feel put off that I speak my mind at my own blog, man. I don’t like playing bad hands… I dont play in rigged games. This BC circus is both. It’s damaged the reputation of a genuine Constitutional crisis. That crisis was enable by the BC born in Kenya BS… This is how I read this hand and this player in this game at this moment in time. I am pretty good at picking up tells and reading into a bluff and calling it… I’ve been wrong, but I like my call here. Peace. – Leo

  55. Mr. Corsi has a lot invested in his own reputation to sell books. Soe-Bar-Kah “he who is the son of soetoro” what a story if iit were not so sad for the further sovereignty of the USA.

    James Jesus Angelton left the door open in 1975 for the Synarchists to coopt the unemployed CI spooks for Brzezinski to gooble up for the CFR bottom-line in his regionalized USA transformed into the present one world institution trip; and leaving the 435 Congressional whores owned by the synarchists guaranteed more power every ten years over more and more sheeple so that now we have gone from one house member for 30000 to what 1 per 720000 now?

    Notice that the Jesuit trained ring kisser Boehner even refused to allow that portion of the Constitution Article one to be read. There is no difference between the Pelosi and Boehner model of ring kisser as they serve the synarchist ring knocker crowd.

  56. Obama did not lie about his dual citizenship. he posted it for all the world to see. Most citizens did not understand the constitutional meaning of the information he posted. IMO he counted on that ignorance. On or around the time of his posting McCains’ NBC status was being questioned, and a player came on the scene questioning Obamas’ country of birth. This proved to be somewhat lucrative and others joined in. Many well meaning concerned citizens were hood winked and the birther movement was born.
    Leo came on the scene and educated us. Yet, many are still resistant and continue to follow Obamas’ play book. Every game has rules, and Obama has written his own book of rules. As citizens we have to make a decision, do we allow ourselves to be manipulated and play by Obamas’ rules, or do we refuse and insist that Obama play by the rules stated in our Constitution? You know , that “piece of paper” that is the rule book for all of the elected politicians.

    As for the LFBC, there was a notice issued by Loretta Fuddy of special interest is the exception to their policy. “As director of health for the state of Hawaii, I have the legal authority to approve the process by which copies of such records are made. Through that authority, in recognition of your status as president of the United States, I am making an exception to the current departmental policy which is to issue a computer-generated certified copy,”

    The LFBC is NOT a “computer-generated certified copy.” The statement does not elaborate as to how the LFBC was generated. Were those so very “obvious” anomalies to the LFBC generated by the director of HDOH?
    Further, it appears that Obama requested that she make an exception (in recognition of your status as POTUS). One has to wonder why, for what purpose? How about to keep a red herring alive to distract from the true legal issue?
    Fuddys’ statement can be found here.

  57. kittycat77 Says:


    Excellent points! Also, people conspiring about one thing or another has happened throughout the history of the world. And when someone throws out “conspiracy theory” to me now, I think it’s a convenient way to try to shut someone up. I am not into any conspiracy theory, nor am I into the BC issue. When someone says that to me, oh, you’re just believing in a conspiracy theory, it’s like someone calling me racist because I don’t agree with BO.

    ed. there are conspiracies… but this dual nationality issue is a legal question. if you want to keep people from seriously examining that… create a useful conspiracy theory to take their attention and breath away… then lump everyone who buys into the conspiracy theory in with those who are asking a legit legal question… mix, shake, stir, mock, ridicule, intimidate… voila. hey presto! the legal question is rendered moot. it’s not green. it doesn’t have a SS#. violation of it is not a crime… it is technical, and it is also real. but it sure aint as sexy as the conspiracy. but you all go on with your bad selves. you’ll find that Kenyan birth evidence… and oh won’t it be fine. won’t it be the grandest day you can imagine. only problem is, that day is not coming… – Leo

  58. “ed. You fail to consider the one reason this is happening which actually makes sense… that it’s a bait and switch. Furthermore, there is a precedent for just such a distraction. Obama is playing right out of the Chester Arthur – Hinman playbook. There’s a report or lecture out there somewhere with Obama’s name on it. This is the document I am interested in. – Leo”

    Finding a report or document concerning Chester Arthur and Hinman with Obama’s name on it or at least something that ties Obama to the report or document is indeed like hitting the mother lode in a gold mine. I think it would absolutely prove that Obama and crew are totally devoted to the destruction of the Constitution and the Republic. But there is already enough evidence of this. What would you do with the document?

    ed. sell it on Ebay? 🙂 – Leo

  59. B.O.Jr., in his own words:
    ~”Dreams From My Father”
    from pg 345
    “I was just thinking about how life is so strange. You know, as soon as the Old Man died,the lawyers contacted all those who might have a claim to the inheritance. Unlike my mum, RUTH HAS all the documents needed to prove who Mark’s father was.”

    “the Old Man”=Barack Obama Sr
    “my mum”= Stanley Ann Dunham
    “Ruth”=Ruth Nidesand, B Obama Sr’s 3rd wife /2nd U.S. Cit- bore him 2 children, in Africa
    “Mark”= B.O. Jr.’s half-brother, son of Sr & Ruth

  60. evidence….is a strange critter…eh?

    just like a conspiracy…it can be used to prove a lie is true…and that truth is irrelevant…yet…doubt is not more effective than trust…after all…more than half the country trusted BHO was bringing hope-n-change…they just didnt understand what that was from the perspective of a marxist…

  61. kittycat77 Says:

    Here’s a link of Susan Daniels’ documents:

    BTW, she is privy to many of the same databases that law enforcement uses. Not just the regular stuff on the Internet. And when she started searching on him, it was because a client came to her and wanted that particular number searched. That’s what started Susan finding out about BO’s SS number.

    ed. Yeah, I am behind the curve on this SS# issue. I don’t know what to make of it. I do think it’s best for me to focus solely on the legal issue of nbc and dual nationality. I will leave this to others. – Leo

  62. FYI

    ed. People should do their own FOIA on this. I do not see a link to the original FOIA request by this person, all I see are follow up documents. I do not see where the original FOIA is itself officially documented so I cannot verify what was actually asked for. Therefore, it is not a reliable FOIA, not without the actual FOIA itself. All I see is this person’s allegation as to what they asked for, I do not see the actual copy of a document for FOIA.- Leo

  63. da verg Says:

    Retired Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, the chief of Stand Up America U.S., a national security expert and a Fox News contributor, says the “Certificate of Live Birth” released in April by the White House as “proof positive” of President Obama’s Hawaiian birth is a forgery, but the FBI is covering the fraud and no one in Congress is willing to tackle the situation because of fears of a “black backlash” if the failings of the nation’s first black president are revealed.

    The forgery on internet proves nothing about the true birth place of Obama.

  64. Leo,
    It’s been painful to let go of the issue surrounding his place of birth and the issues surrounding his birth certificate and social security number, but you have won me over to only focusing on the dual-nationality issue.

    As you mentioned in one of your comments – I agree that what Obama has done does not appear to be illegal. We say “You don’t meet the natural born Citizen requirement of Art II, Section 1.” Barry says “I disagree completely, and since there is no case on point regarding this issue as it relates to President and Commander in Chief, I am not breaking any law. Unless/until a federal court rules otherwise, I have met all constitutonal requirements to serve as POTUS.” With regard to the forged birth certificate, once again, Barry can state that he is only presenting to the American people what was given to him by the Hawaii DOH. If the Hawaii DOH committed fraud, Barry will simply point out that is not his fault and he has committed no crime. Like you said Leo, they are still at least 3 moves ahead of 99.9999% of the U.S. population and the longer they can keep people focused on the place of birth or the birth certificate, the longer they can avoid the dual-nationality issue.

  65. So, how do you explain the British Columbian certificate of name change issued when Barry/whatever was 21, uncovered by Stephen Pidgeon and shown in his new book? Do you believe it was planted there to be found and cloud the issue, and that it’s a false document?

    Everything in Stephen’s theory makes sense to me EXCEPT Ann’s giving birth in Seattle — in light of the Canadian name change document (to Barack Obama). IF Ann was the one who gave birth to The Usurper (and I don’t doubt that Malcolm X supplied the sperm, given Barry’s uncanny resemblance), it would have to have been in one of the UK countries, would it not? (England, Australia, Canada, Kenya, etc).

    I mean, Barry would have to have shown proof of BRITISH CITIZENSHIP to be issued a Canadian name change, right? So he either presented a birth certificate showing he was born in Canada or a UK country, **OR** he presented a UK birth certificate which his UK father would have had to apply for *after the fact* if the child’s birth was on non-UK soil (per the 1948 British Nationality Act — which also required the parents be married for UK citizenship to be passed down from the father.)

    Frankly, I find it incredibly stupid of Obama and his handlers to have claimed British citizenship at birth (which he says ‘expired’ at 21) and get this whole dual-citizenship thing started in the first place WHEN IT’S NOT TRUE (ONLY true if born on UK soil **OR** if parents were married and UK father applied for child’s UK citizenship).

    Better to have simply said he’s illegitimate and his father an unknown American sailor stationed on Oahu. Few who were stupid and blind enough to vote for him would have cared he’s a bas***d. There still would be Malcolm X rumors because of the resemblance, but AT LEAST he wouldn’t be stuck with the Kenyan father / 21-year British citizenship claim.

    It doesn’t really matter, anyway, since any judge who refuses to tow the line and dismiss an Obama case is killed (Judge Roll)….and our Supreme Court Justices are either in on the Communist / Islamic takeover or are too gutless to uphold The Constitution and its People.

    If you want to know what’s coming, open your Bibles and read Revelation, Ezekiel, and Daniel. Replace the names “The Beast” and “Antichrist” with Barry.

  66. Hi Group!!!
    Listen to Leo and do what he says. Resolve the jus soli question, even if it means admitting: “We just don’t know” because what matters is jus sanguinis and that “We do know!” (or so we think we do… more will be revealed). We must understand our audience if we hope to educate them. I posted the details of my epiphany at . I instantly came to the same realization about this deception, namely, BHO is distracting from his lack of NBC status by creating an aura of mystery around his birthplace. This is the reason for the phony LFBC: it perpetuates the enigma inside the conumdrum that makes us want to pull our hair out, but it does nothing to educate fellow patriotic American citizens around NBC.
    Leo has (to the best of my understanding) clarified that the decision in Minor has established SCOTUS precedent for the definition of NBC. THIS IS HUGE!!! Note that this data was readily available to him and all of us for all this time. It just takes eyes to see. Apply this principle to the NBC issue: virtually all of America knows that BHO, Sr was not an American citizen yet they assume Jr. is eligible. The evidence is staring them in the face that he is ineligible, but they cannot reach that conclusion because they were never taught in school what NBC is, and the media is just pounding the drum that NBC is native born and we Birthers are all just crazy. They simply need to be gently but firmly educated. That’s our responsibility.

    ed. That’s correct – it is our responsibility. – Leo

  67. Leo, I posted a link to the selective service record showing Obama’s social sec #, as you’d requested. I’m curious why my message never got past moderation? Not upset or offended, just curious.

    ed. I just saw that now. I don’t know if I can publish the link. I don’t know if the information is real bc I dont understand whether any laws were broken…How did Hollister get access? It looks to me like Hollister was not allowed to access that info… Am I wrong? – Leo

  68. Leo,
    My understanding is, he used this form online:

    And yes, one is only supposed to fill out that form for one’s own information. What Col Hollister did was illegal. I would assume, that information could never be used in court(?), but it doesn’t make the information any less valid. Except for changing the person’s mailing address, however, he didn’t acquire anything that isn’t generally available to the public. The selective service website has a search engine which will give you the person’s selective service number and when they registered, if you enter the last name, birthdate and social security number. Since he had the social security number already, all this does is confirm officially, from a federal government agency, that a Barack Hussein Obama, dob 8-4-61 has the social security number 042-68-4425 and the selective service reg. number 61 1125539 1. Everyone should be able to confirm that information, but the database has a “glitch” and will not process Obama’s info. They change the excuse for why it doesn’t work on a regular basis (today it is a “technical problem” they are aware of and working on, usually it says you have exceded your allowed daily number of inquiries, even when it’s the first inquiry of the day).
    I still understand you not wanting to rely on an illegally acquired document, I just wanted to explain how (I think) it was acquired and why I have no doubt it is legit.
    I got a copy of his Sel. Service registration card just by emailing the information guy at, but it has the social sec number redacted.

  69. Leo,

    Did you get the PDF that I posted here a few days ago?

    ed. Which one? I’m swamped. – Leo

  70. This one from Oklahoma City University:

    It’s an article about repealing the natural born citizen clause.

    I only bring it to your attention because of all the articles and case law found in the footnotes.

    There’s one article from a Professor Means that explains that ‘native born citizen’ would be more restrictive than ‘natural born citizen’ John Jay is used as an example.

    Like I said, I am just bringing this to your attention in hope that it may add something to our argument, I’m not pushing the Topic of the Article.

    ed. I will check it out… – Leo

  71. Lady American Patriot Natural Born Citizen Says:



    “Attorney Leo Donofrio, who has led some of the numerous challenges to President Obama’s eligibility, mistakenly has interpreted recent WND reports as adding “very heavy weight” to a conclusion that Obama was born in Hawaii.”

    Read More Here:

    ed. My official reply to Corsi is here. – Leo

  72. I used to buy into the idea that BHO was born in Hawaii at first and that his dual citizenship was the only thing that BHO Jr. didn’t want discussed …

    However more has come out since then and I have since changed my mind….

    None of this proves that BHO Jr. wasn’t born in Hawaii , but it casts doubt on his Hawaiian POB myth ….

    I have discovered for instance that Frank Marshall Davis worked for a Communist front organization 9

    ed. snip…if you want to argue that someone other than Obama Sr. was Obama’s father, do it somewhere else. – Leo

  73. ed. snip…if you want to argue that someone other than Obama Sr. was Obama’s father, do it somewhere else. – Leo

    Nope that wasn’t my point.

    The safest path is to emphasize that BHO Jr. must be indigenous…

    So it doesn’t matter if the plaintiff can or can’t prove that dual citizenship is the death knell for his claim to NBC status ….

    BHO Sr. comes preloaded with polygamy as a legal out ……

    ed. No it doesn’t. That’s a complete myth. Where do you see a polygamy out in Minor v. Happersett? The case states the definition of natural born citizen to be a person born in the US of citizen parents. Where do you see an out? There is no out on that issue nor is there an out for McCain. One can argue all day long that Vattel might see McCain as eligible, but Minor did not cite Vattel and Vattel is not US law nor is natural law US law. Scalia recently stated that the Supreme Court doesn’t decide natural law. He said the Court decides national law. National law is SCOTUS case law. Minor clearly states the definition of natural born citizen as a person born in the US to citizen parents. There is no caveat of national law which mentions polygamy as an out. That is garbage. If people just read Minor and stick to the SCOTUS precedent, there will be no confusion. Before my June 21st report, I can understand all the hooplah and the desire to rely on Vattel. But Vattel is not US law, the Court in Minor is. Any definition of nbc that does not follow Minor is not US law. End of story. – Leo

    I think that the defense could argue that the BHO Sr. and SAD’s marriage was not legit and so the British Nationality Act may not be seen as a sure fire way for BHO Jr. to have acquired British/Kenyan citizenship “at birth” from Barry Sr. …….

    At a blog I frequent the Barry apologists have tried to go down that route in our debates ….

    I see them arguing this and other points much like a trial balloon to see what could make a defense if BHO Jr. can ever be challenged in a court proceeding on his ineligibility …

    I did mention that w/o info that is actually verified on a LFBC …

    Almost anything goes as Hawaiian statutes allow for inaccurate
    info to be displayed so the idea that investigators “verified” that BHO Jr. was a “citizen” may be so much conjecture even on their parts …

    That could be construed I suppose as saying BHO Sr. might not be BHO Jr.’s father but that isn’t what I meant to imply ….

    I was meaning that even though there might even be a BC in the vaults that lists Hawaii as the POB it doesn’t necessarily mean that info is accurate since there are statutes that allow for inaccuracies to exist even on a vault copy …

    BHO Sr and Jr and Stanley Armor Dunham all have connections to Frank Marshall Davis who as I mentioned worked for a communist front organization that helped foreign born communists avoid deportation …

    So forged documents could logically have been part of that mix even with BHO Sr. as BHO Jr.’s real dad !

    I still have zero doubts that BHO Sr. is the father…

    Although I have seen some try to argue that someone else was the father so I can understand that you don’t want posters going down that path here ..

  74. Leo,
    I know you continue to hold out hope that SCOTUS legal precedent will be followed. Heck, I did too but is it not now apparent that every attempt to bring this discussion to the absolute salient point concerning the Minor V Happersett is falling on deaf ears? do the people on this thread just like to type? Leo, I just don’t get it. BTW great video referencing your work!

    Now, having said that, let me suggest something you will most likely disagree with me on.
    The time has come for one state to take the lead and pass the/a Presidential eligibilty Assurance Act and GA has that waiting in the wings but our weak willed and money driven (they fear loss of the Savanah port Federal project money)

    Anyway, the time has come for us to gather at the Atl State Capitol on the 15th of Aug. and demand a newly revised and bullet proof (you can help edit if you’d like) H.B. 401 be attached as a rider to the re-apportionment bill or as a standalone bill. This would insure that the likes of BHO, Andy Martin, Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindel would not appear on our ballot for the position of POTUS or V-Potus. I am calling any and all to join with me in getting this done and for the rest to either lead, follow or get out of the way.Action speaks much louder than words and the time is now at hand to take that action as it should now be clear to all that nothing has or will be accomplished in the land of highly corrupt courts. Come one come all time to get it done. Honor your Oath.

  75. Joss Brown Says:

    @RTM999: I have also argued before that Obama Sr.’s polygamy could be a way out for Obama, i.e. sole US allegiance, because Obama Jr. would then only have followed Ann Dunham with regard to citizenship. It was not my argument: it can basically be found in a moderator’s comments at the UCONN blog (Undead Revolution).

    But that was before it was discovered that these two civil servants had examined the Obama-Dunham marriage independent of each other… and had found nothing that would retroactively void the marriage. And it was before Leo’s new analysis of Minor: we now have precedent that a natural born citizen is someone being born of two US citizens on US territory.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but only SCOTUS or a constitutional amendment can broaden the NBC definition to generally include all US citizens with sole US allegiance, irrespective of the circumstances that created the citizen’s sole allegiance. But that would go against Minor and the original meaning of the eligibility clause, right?

  76. Admit the “birth certificate” is a red herring because it has been faked and can be proved to have been faked. If bo was born in Hawaii why would he need to desclose a faked doctored bc as he recently did? The red herring is obama himself Leo.

  77. Thalightguy Says:


    Oh my GOD they did in “Rogers vs Belli” also.

  78. Thalightguy Says:

    Rogers vs Belli:

    Thus in Minor v. Happersett, 21 Wall. 162, 167 (1875), the Court said: “Additions might always be made to the citizenship of the United States in two ways: first, by birth, and second, by naturalization. . . . [N]ew citizens may be born or they may be created by naturalization.”

  79. I wish I’d known of your Minor treatise back when it was posted. I just discovered it yesterday. It’s a real eye-opener. I started copying sections that particularly stood out, thinking I’d show the quotes on my Obama eligibility website, and soon I had copied large amounts, So…I decided to edit a condensed version and upload it instead. I don’t know what your e-mail address is yet, but I’ll look for it so I can send you the results for your approval. Or… just check website at http://obama– where it will be posted. Next I’ll have to revise all that I’ve written as to the issue of who are NBCs having never been resolved by SCOTUS,
    I recently completely an analysis of the bc PDF and have posted the results there also in text form and graphics form. IT is ALSO an eye-opener that you need to absorb. It’s titled “Six Smoking Guns”. The graphic version is here:

  80. As you know, Dr. Corsi’s book, “Where’s the birth certificate?’, refers to these inquiries by immigration, and I’m sure your know that a marriage certificate has never been found.

    WND just posted that Gordon Liddy’s Hawaiian contacts claimed that the BC was planted in the archives.

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