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The Natural Born Citizen blog went missing… now it’s back.

Posted in Uncategorized on September 20, 2011 by naturalborncitizen

Earlier today, I was getting ready to post here about the $1200.00 donation I made on behalf of myself, Steve Pidgeon and the kind readers of this blog to Operation Smile, when I was shocked to see that the blog you are reading now had been shut down.  If you visited the blog at about 3:50 PM, you would have been greeted with the following statement:

“ is no longer available.  This blog has been archived and suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.”

I immediately complained to WordPress customer service, and within a few minutes WordPress had restored the blog.  They sent me the following message:


Our apologies. The system should not have done that.

We have removed the warning in your dashboard and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused.”

I have been very pleased with WordPress.  After shut me down three years ago (when my Supreme Court case was pending), I switched to WordPress and haven’t had a single problem until today.  However, I do not believe this was done deliberately by WordPress.  Their fast response/restoration causes me to have faith that free speech is alive and kickin’ here at WordPress where I will keep my blog running.

Regardless, the blog – on its first and last fund-raising drive – received approximately $1450.00 in donations, which I was very very touched by.  In the end, Steve and I decided that we would rather donate all the money to a good cause.  One soldier donated $100, which I returned to him.  Paypal took their cut and there was $1200 and change left which all went to Operation Smile.

Today, I came upon the following video which shows one of these children before and after the operation.  It is something that will truly make your heart warm and happy to see.  Please watch it.  And thank you so much for your kindness towards Steve and I.  Now these kids will have a much better life because of your charity.


Leo Donofrio, Esq.



US Attorney General Cushing Made Clear That Citizens and Subjects Were Not The Same Under US Law.

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I have a very in depth analytical blog coming soon concerning the underlying history of the US Supreme Court’s precedent defining a natural born citizen as one born in the US to parents who were citizens via the case of Minor v. Happersett.  That case had two issues, citizenship and voting rights.  The citizenship issue was determined by the SCOTUS directly construing the “natural born Citizen” clause from Article 2, Section 1.  This is the only US Supreme Court case to have directly construed the clause.  As such, it remains as good law and precedent which means Obama occupies the White House in direct contradiction to standing US law.

My next blog will settle this issue conclusively.  For now, I would like to reach back to a speech (bottom of  pg. 409-410) made by Virginia Minor – a staunch woman’s suffrage activist – at a St. Louis convention in 1869:

“In 1856, the question came before the Attorney General, Mr. Cushing, as to whether Indians were citizens of the United States, and as such, were entitled to the privilege of preempting our public lands.  He gave it as his opinion that they were not citizens, but domestic subjects, and therefore not entitled to the benefit of the act.”

According to US Attorney General Cushing, a “subject” is not a “citizen”.  Therefore, “natural born Citizen” cannot mean the same thing as “natural born Subject”.  Attorney General Cushing determined that domestic subjects were not entitled to the same rights as US citizens because “subjects” are not “citizens”.   And a “natural born subject” has never meant the same thing as “natural born Citizen”.  Never.  That’s a complete fraud.

Not that this argument matters in the face of the precedent set by the SCOTUS in Minor v. Happersett, but since the Obama eligibility advocates have tried to utilize this as a convenient soundbite, Attorney General Cushing’s statement of federal policy is quite useful in quashing another of propaganda’s favorite arguments.

Leo Donofrio, Esq.