The Natural Born Citizen blog went missing… now it’s back.

Earlier today, I was getting ready to post here about the $1200.00 donation I made on behalf of myself, Steve Pidgeon and the kind readers of this blog to Operation Smile, when I was shocked to see that the blog you are reading now had been shut down.  If you visited the blog at about 3:50 PM, you would have been greeted with the following statement:

“ is no longer available.  This blog has been archived and suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.”

I immediately complained to WordPress customer service, and within a few minutes WordPress had restored the blog.  They sent me the following message:


Our apologies. The system should not have done that.

We have removed the warning in your dashboard and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused.”

I have been very pleased with WordPress.  After shut me down three years ago (when my Supreme Court case was pending), I switched to WordPress and haven’t had a single problem until today.  However, I do not believe this was done deliberately by WordPress.  Their fast response/restoration causes me to have faith that free speech is alive and kickin’ here at WordPress where I will keep my blog running.

Regardless, the blog – on its first and last fund-raising drive – received approximately $1450.00 in donations, which I was very very touched by.  In the end, Steve and I decided that we would rather donate all the money to a good cause.  One soldier donated $100, which I returned to him.  Paypal took their cut and there was $1200 and change left which all went to Operation Smile.

Today, I came upon the following video which shows one of these children before and after the operation.  It is something that will truly make your heart warm and happy to see.  Please watch it.  And thank you so much for your kindness towards Steve and I.  Now these kids will have a much better life because of your charity.


Leo Donofrio, Esq.




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  1. Hi Leo,
    Last night I sent an email to Steve Chapman who wrote the editorial I’n the Chocago Tribime :”Why Obama Should Not seek a Second term”.
    I’n my email I referenced your blog and your name re: Minor v. Hapersett.
    I know the blog was up last night.
    I believe there is an I’n-house coup to remove Obama
    BTW, that article is posted on drudge

  2. Definitely a “Wait for it” moment.


  3. I love this charity–so glad the money went to help these adorable little kids!


  4. If you can watch that video without tearing up, you are officially inhuman.

  5. Fooled me. I thought you had been shut down and shut up. Would you please set up a default Web site so readers can stay in touch, in case next time it is for real?

  6. Apparently the court did not demand money from Pidgeon & Donofrio. I hope that you can and will indulge the curious with an account of the events after the threat of sanction.

    Heart warming video.

    ed. The decision is still pending… – Leo

  7. Thanks Leo!! Truly a worthy cause!

  8. I saw this earlier on another website and I must say that it is truly heart-warming and touching; it brought tears to my eyes, indeed!

  9. That was awesome!

  10. (Operation Smile)

  11. susan elaine Says:

    Respect. You have earned it and you have it from me 100%.

  12. The world needs an “Operation Smile”.

    Nice to see good things still happening and that there remains good people who care.

    Classy move, Mr. Donofrio

  13. There.Are.No.Words

  14. A Crazy Old Coot Says:

    A quick question for anyone that knows the answer:

    A question that I never see being asked, based on questions of Mr. obama’s background is; what is his legal name and is that the name he is signing the bills with? What happens if, after he is gone (replaced or fired) it is discovered that he signed the bills into law using a fake name??

    ed. Interesting question. – Leo

  15. Awesome. My wife and I have given to them in the past, and it’s probably time we did again.

  16. Marco Rubio camp still pushing his VP possibilities. No public reply to NBC challenge. We need to convince Rubio that he can be the real truth teller for the NBC issue. Perhaps he could ride the wave of popularity which may ensue, and then draft/propose a Constitutional amendment to remove the Natural Born clause.
    This country needs a courageous leader like Marco. But if he is going to slime his way toward the executive position, then he will have lowered himself like the others supporting this USC transgression.

  17. davidfarrar Says:


    I recently ran across a statement that would indicated that Wong Kim Art’s parents were not allowed by law to become naturalized citizens during that time period. I was thinking; If it is true, surely that would affect Wong?

    ex animo

    ed. According to the treaty between the US and China, at that time, Chinese subjects could not naturalize… and it is a factor which makes WKA potentially vulnerable to SCOTUS review and possibly being reversed. – Leo

  18. davidfarrar Says:


    ie: The Naturalization Act of 1870 restricted all immigration into the U.S. to only “white persons and persons of African descent,” meaning that all Chinese were placed in a different category, a category that placed them as ineligible for citizenship from that time till 1943.

    ex animo

  19. davidfarrar Says:

    Of course, by now I have read “Was U.S. vs. Wong Kim Ark Wrongly Decided?” ( )

    and realize it’s all about allegiance, first of the father, if no father, than that of the mother’s. This means person born in this country, were not completely within the jurisdiction if their parents were not US Citizens.

    ex animo

  20. For the sixth time, the Supreme Court refuses an opportunity to hear a case regarding Obama’s (in)eligibility…



  21. Dang! I seem to always forget about the fact that you don’t like people to use bold text. I was copying text and tags from my own blog to the comment above, and it wasn’t until I posted the comment that I saw the bold text and remembered that you don’t like that. My very sincere apologies, Leo!

  22. davidfarrar Says:


    The US Supreme Court has actually staged a coup d’éta all in the name of “protecting” the country from the ravages of civil unrest if the Court rules like it knows it must if it were to address the case of Obama’s Conspiracy.

    They are wrong, of course. But there we are.

    ex animo

  23. davidfarrar Says:

    Yes, the more I think about it, the more I think the 14th “within the jurisdiction” doesn’t mean borders at all, but within the legal jurisdiction of the United States.

    ex animo

  24. borderraven Says:

    Obama was born under dual-jurisdictions.

    He was born under jurisdiction of the COTUS, which by Article 6 attached any treaty the US had signed, I’ll get to that in a moment. He was also born under jurisdiction of the 14th Amendment, which has a “jurisdiction clause.

    President Harry S. Truman signed a treaty with the British, in 1951, and the treaty was in force, by 1952. The British treaty was reciprocal, as it applied to children born in the UK to US citizens, equally to children born in the US to UK citizens. Basically it allowed for consulates to register births and issue passports, but that is where citizenship and nationality are claimed and determined.

    So, when Obama was born, in 1961, in Hawaii, to a UK citizen, the 1952 Treaty attached UK laws to the birth, mainly the British Nationality Act of 1948. Part II, Section 5(a) of the BNA granted UK Citizenship by descent (no need to register with UK consulate) to Obama.

    The circumstances of birth cannot be changed. His mother was a US citizen, his father a UK citizen, and he was born in Hawaii. These are true facts he has admitted into evidence.

    On his websites, he tries to claim that following his birth his citizenship was altered, treaty and circumstances beyond his control, and later, on reaching majority, under his choice. But, Article 2 Section 1 of the COTUS is firm as it requires the circumstances of birth to define a NBC, not a US citizen. As we have already proved a NBC is born in the US to two citizens.

    This make Obama ineligible, and thus an usurper, who got passed through our multi-layer election process, after a vocal-minority raised the alarm, trying to avert a constitutional tragedy. Now, we face the conundrum, of a 3-year incumbent, having done numerous acts that must be voided and mitigated. We the People have a messy house, and the servants are refusing our orders to clean it up. It’s time to take direct action.

    I’m still waiting on a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals opinion on Drake vs Obama, to see what happens. If SCOTUS gets it for appeal or takes it as a case, then we may have hope.

    Also, I have sent my State AG and governor an “Information in the Nature of Quo Warranto” allowing them until December 21 to contact me with feedback. Next, if needed I’ll try something like a “qui tam” in January, sending to the US Attorney and the US AG.


    ed. Dig that you hit up quo warranto… 🙂 Leo

  25. Leo,

    I found your Presentment information after I had pursued the statutory provision that purported to allow access to the federal grand jury (Title 18 Section 1504). I stopped after the Third Circuit denied statutory compliance or its own statutory obligation to assist regarding the grand jury. Interestingly, I was opposed by the US Attorneys Office, if you call simply entering the case but not filing any papers, being an “opposing party.”

    ed. Were you trying to appear as a witness? Because I don’t see any other possibility in the statute? – Leo

    It is my goal, now armed with the explanation of the tampering done to the 5th Amendment, along with the demonstration in the falsehood and futility of the federal statue I bring via the legal challenge, to restore the Presentment power of the Grand Jury.

    Easier said than done, I know. But in addition to the Grand jury challenge I undertook, I had already traveled throughout the maze of every Office, Agency, legal and law enforcement, governmental branch to document the apathy or collusion to take no action.

    When I found your website with its insight, I recognized why the Grand Jury was minimized as well as why it is critically necessary to resurrect the suppressed Presentment role. By returning direct, unfiltered and unobstructed access to the citizens, to a Grand Jury that is truly independent and not spoon fed by a Prosecutor (“who can indict a ham sandwich), accountability of the three branches might once again be a reality and not a facade like it is now.

    Here is a link of my legal complaint so no one else has to reinvent the wheel:

    There is more on my website It offers further details, facts, proofs and evidence. It also highlights other victim-cases that I professionally investigated and confirmed as legitimate. As all the cases share the same modus operandi, they provide the ammunition against any naysayers who would pretend that government is out of control and needs the other power of the Grand Jury to rein it in.


    Dale M. Baranoski
    (NJ police sergeant)

    ed. Good work. This is the kind of stuff we need. I’m happy my writing found you. – Leo

  26. What happened was that I had exhausted locating an entity to step up or in and take on the corruption. Then along came a legal case in NJ (IMO Loigman) wherein attorney Mr. Loigman sought to present information to a county grand jury. The County court denied his request, the Appellate Court granted it, and the NJ Supreme Court squashed it in a pitifully obvious predetermined blockage. Proof of this was the denial of accepting MY amicus curiae request/brief but granting the very abuser of mine and multiple victims criminal and civil rights, the County Prosecutor where I resided.

    To me what they were doing was so obvious as to be painful. And if you consider that previously the NJSC refused to act on my case which was such a gross abuse of power. So their hands were already clearly stained. But, the NJSC mentioned in their “decision” that accessing the grand jury was already permitted per federal statue and listed it. Using their own “advice” I sent a letter to my respective federal grand jury asking that I be allowed to present evidence of criminal wrongdoing. The statue specifically states that this is permissible exception to the tampering with a jury crime.

    When that was blocked by the court clerk, I was told it was forwarded to the US Attorneys Office who of course denied any access or even submitting my complaint allegations to a grand jury as required by another related federal statue. This I am positive is because, like the Courts and politicians, they knew they would be one of the first targets of a Grand Jury invest.(At this time, the US Attorney for NJ, Chris Christie, was gearing to run for Governor for NJ. His quid pro quo ensured he got it.)

    Then I appealed to the Chief Justice for the district court, and was denied. I then filed an official Complaint in federal court. The US Attorneys Office entered as the defendant but never filed any legal briefs or answers. When it was denied at the District Court, I appealed to the Third Circuit and was denied.

    I believe I am able to still present this to the US Supreme Court, if not separately then as an attached relief request in my Writ for Certoria to the USSC regarding my unlawful criminal matter involving actual innocence, etc (rough draft


    ed. Wow. Very very interesting. What cases have you relied on? (I am on the way out the door, so may not read response for a few hours.). – Leo

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