Look Who Cited To Justia For Supreme Court Holding.

[UPDATE: Sat. Oct 29, 2011, 8:46 AMCindy Simpson weighs in on JustiaGate, top story at American Thinker.]

There’s a bogus astroturfing mantra going ’round the blogosphere which sounds something like this, “No real lawyer would ever use an online web site like Justia.”  The talking point is thoroughly debunked by a very powerful legal source.  Ever heard of Perkins Coie?  They are the law firm which defended Obama in eligibility suits before he was elected.  Ever heard of Bob Bauer?  He is a partner in Perkins Coie and was General Counsel of Obama For America 2008, then White House Counsel, and is now back in private practice as Obama’s personal attorney to lead the charge in the 2012 election.

Perkins Coie is as powerful and shrewd a law firm as has ever existed and hey, what do you know kids, their mega influential legal blog cited to Justia in an article published there on June 28, 2010, “Business Methods Patents Survive, But Not Bilski’s Patent“:

“The next key decision was Parker v. Flook, 437 U.S. 584 (1978)[3].  The process claims there involved a practical application (updating the value of an alarm limit for ending a chemical reaction), but the only novel feature of the process was the specific manner in which the alarm limit was calculated…

[3] http://supreme.justia.com/us/437/584/case.html

So much for the “real lawyers don’t use online web sites like Justia” try.  Perkins Coie certainly did.  Now, post JustiaGate… not so much.

Lawyers, when going before a judge must Shepardize their cases.  This is done via two paid online services, Lexis and Westlaw.  If you cite a case without “Shepping” it, you risk not knowing whether the case has been questioned, followed or overruled.

But many lawyers are also bloggers and commentators.  They appreciate the easy access of Justia for such tasks as well as initial research for a client, superior or associate.  Justia was absolutely trusted by the legal community to return accurate judicial opinions.

The entire legal research aspect of the site was created for that very purpose.  Justia isn’t some fly by night operation.  Tim Stanley was the big man on campus championing free online research.  And Justia has been universally praised by attorneys and law schools for its free publication of Supreme Court cases and other federal legal documents.

Robert Ambrogi’s “LawSites” blog post, “Justia Does FindLaw One Better“, reported that Justia had, right out of the box, taken the place of Findlaw on the web as a predominant online legal resource in Feb. 2007:

“Look at Justia’s front page today and one is reminded of the FindLaw of old. More to the point, Justia today is becoming every bit as valuable as a legal portal as FindLaw once was.”

A Lewis and Clark Law School blog elaborated on Ambrogi’s praise as follows:

“Add in the very-Web 2.0 addition of search links to related dockets, news, blogs, and websites, and you find a fantastic one-stop source of information given very many thumbs up by the very many editors of BoleyBlogs!”

The University of Wisconsin Law School stated the following adoration of Justia in Oct. 2007:

Justia, a relatively new legal portal, is quickly becoming an indispensable research tool.”

The Mass Law Blog, written by Lee Gesmer of Gesmer Updegrove LLP, hyped Justia for its ability to follow federal cases via RSS feeds back in Oct. 2008:

Assume you’re interested in Jones Day v. Blockshopper, pending in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of IllinoisGo to Justia.com and click on the link US District Courts’ civil case filings. You can search for the docket of any federal district court case to find the case in Justia.”


Justia CEO Tim Stanley gave a 21 minute podcast interview to Ken Chan of “Law And Legal Research” in Jan. ’07 after Tim was awarded the Google Enterprise Search Superstar award.  In that interview, Stanley was asked who Justia was created to benefit.  Here is Stanley’s candid reply:

Stanley: The primary users of it tend to be lawyers or attorneys looking for legal information or looking for case-law, or looking for information from some of the legal blogs that are online. And the other sort of major group of users tends to be law students or other students in the college environment or high schools that are looking for information on the US Government and sort of how the court system works.

Chan: The homepage, if you will, mentions the indexing of all of the Supreme Court cases… What would you say is the primary piece of information that somebody is coming to your web site to find, or is there one?  Is it a wide basis of information or is there a particular type of information that somebody is coming to find?

Stanley:  In most cases they’re looking for a variety of types of legal information.  There is a large percentage though that are looking for Supreme Court information, and looking at particular Supreme Court cases.  And one of the nice things we’ve done using the Google Mini is we’ve indexed all the Supreme Court cases, and we have a nice sort of inter-linking among the cases, so you can go from one case, you know, quickly link over to a previous case.  And the Google algorithm when it’s indexing the cases does a very good job in terms of prioritizing the cases based on those that sort of have more value to the legal community.

Stanley tells us that the primary users are lawyers, not lay people.  Also, keep in mind that when he gave this interview in ’07, none of the cases had been sabotaged yet.  The cases were in the database with full case names, citations, and no text had been removed.

Now examine what Google says about their Google Mini plug and play search engine device:

“Unlike high-maintenance systems that require frequent tweaking and recalibrating and that overwhelm systems administrators with constant demands for attention, the Google Mini doesn’t need a tech support baby-sitter. You simply plug it in, configure it, and let it run. The Google Mini does the rest, freeing tech support personnel to fulfill their primary task – supporting their users…

No manual document tagging or search customization required. Google believes the technology itself should do the heavy lifting – not you, the administrator. To that end, Google’s search relevance technology automatically considers over 100 different factors when determining search results, eliminating the need for costly and confusing manual search customization.

Sounds marvelous, easy and totally bitchin’, and that’s what Stanley thinks too:

Chan: When you initially made the decision to install a search engine on the site, did you have another technology that you were using, or was the Google your first choice?  Where did you come from?

Stanley: … The key for us was really the simplicity of getting it up and going.  So it was extremely easy for us just to plug and play it, plug and play the Google Mini, point it to our database and immediately index it, as well as the quality of the search results.  So, the algorithm in terms of producing relevant results based on the user’s query is much higher than most of the other search engine technology we’ve used.  And if you combine that with the ease of use, or ease of set up, it was a simple decision for us…

Chan: What problems were you solving when you had to make the simple decision?

Stanley:  We needed to get about, over, I’d say somewhere around 75,000 documents indexed relatively quickly, like within a couple of weeks and make sure we had the full interface for it and sort of everything else ready to go.  And what was sort of driving that was we wanted to have a release of the Supreme Court Center by the time that the court opened last October. 

And for us, when we looked at some different alternatives, like doing some of our own programming, or using some of the other search technologies out there, the Google Mini, you know, from our standpoint was just a very simple to use easy solution.  We could just install it, index all the data, pull back the data, change the style sheets a little bit, and it just worked.  And so that was really one of the driving forces for us.  Just as important though to us was the quality of the search results, being able to pull back the relevant documents when people did searches.

Chan: You mentioned the crawling algorithms a couple of times.  Did you have to configure those or did you use the ones out of the box?  How did you do that?

Stanley: We pretty much used the ones out of the box.  We did a little bit of, sort of additional programming, in terms of getting some searches across the party names of the cases.  So there was some additional work that we did there.  And a little bit of work on the citations searches, most of which were relatively straight forward, very quick text searches.  But as far as the full text goes, the full text searching goes, that was all done with the Google Mini.  And then we pulled that result back up, pulled that back to our servers, and we repackaged it with some style sheets that combine in the citation and party name searches into one overall search result.  (Emphasis added.)

Let me break in to point out that this candid statement back in Jan. ’07 appears to disprove Stanley’s recent claim that a “Regex” error was responsible for all of the alleged sabotage.  The only tweaking of the Justia search engine undertaken by Stanley’s team concerned very “straight forward” programming pertaining to the party names and citations, but Google Mini was solely responsible – according to Stanley – for full text searching.

Therefore, Stanley’s recent comments given to CNET are further called to question, since, in some of the cases, entire sentences of the Court’s opinion were removed.  If Justia programmers didn’t mess with the full text searches, why were specific portions of the text removed?

The ease of just getting it done and not having to worry about it was huge.”

Stanley:  The main key I think for us is, how can we optimize our engineering resources.  Because we have quite a few programmers, it’s very much a, sort of a computer programming-centric organization.  And we really want to focus on things that are unique, and that we need to program.  And to the extent that we can get plug and play elements like the Google Mini in place that will save some of our programming time, that allows us to do many more projects and go much quicker.

Chan:  That is the answer I was looking for.  If you look at any of the implementations that we’ve talked about with the Google Mini, we’ve found that it really gets down to, I need a quality competent search engine, and I don’t have a lot of time, and I don’t have a lot of resources to spend on that project because I’ve got a lot of other things that I want to work on.  And it sounds to me like that solved that problem for you.

Stanley:  Yeah, I mean absolutely.  I mean, basically, and I can’t really sort of understate this, since we’ve spent lots of time building you know, or I’ve spent lots of time with other search engines and building different search products, the ease of use of just getting it done and not having to worry about it is huge.  And then again, the other item I always come back to is that the quality of the search results is very very high.  

The JFK Magic Bullet Theory Aint Got Nothin’ On Justia’s Rogue Regex Anti-Birther Error Theory.

All of the cases were working just fine with no sabotage before, during and after this interview (for at least one full year).  Then suddenly, miraculously even for the lucky Obama, Tim Stanley’s wonderful search engine powered by Google Mini went nuts on him.  His lame excuse that a mysterious coding error was to blame for the precise sabotage of 25 cases citing Minor v. Happersett, the only US Supreme Court case to have directly construed the natural-born citizen clause in the context of a citizenship precedent (by a unanimous court) suddenly became birtherproof… by accident and with no human intervention whatsoever.

You know, I might believe this if Chris Angel worked for Justia.  Tim Stanley?  Wait for it… noz sew mutch.

Tim claims that the alleged innocent mistake is responsible for the surgical removal of the case name, “Minor v. Happersett”, along with the official citation… across all 25 cases.  We are also asked to believe that various references to The Slaughter-House Cases, Scott v. Sandford and Osborn v. Bank of United States were also innocently removed by the same error, despite the fact that those cases are all tied to the POTUS eligibility debate.

Furthermore, key sentences which discuss points of law relevant to Obama’s eligibility must have also been innocently edited out, even though Stanley stated to Chan in ’07 that Justia didn’t do any programming at all with regard to the full text of the cases.  Additionally, we must also accept that at the time of this interview, the miraculously wonderful Google Mini was banging out perfect versions of these cases up until the run up to the election in 2008… when all 25 cases suddenly expunged necessary search terms specifically tied to the POTUS eligibility issue. Timing is everything, right?

But there’s more… we must also imagine that Stanley’s crack “programming-centric” team, headquartered in the same town as the mighty Google, somehow never found out about the rogue code from 2008 until three years later when I published my first report on the Pope and Boyd cases in July 2011.  Can you believe Tim never even wrote to say thank you?  A nice picture of Stanley’s dog was called for at the very least.  Oh c’mon.  Like I’m going to beat those Silicon Valley freaks to the punch on their own damn code.  Get the flock outta here.

But there’s still more…much much more you have to swallow to buy Stanley’s rogue error theory.  You must also accept that the “Regex” error could defy astronomical odds in that the “.*” mentioned by Stanley could pick and choose erasure of the missing case components while the rest of the text was left just fine.  And that’s where Dianna Cotter’s next report will come in very handy tomorrow.  She has interviewed a university professor with a Ph.D. in computer programming who has gone on the record to say that Stanley’s theory is nuts.

Eventually, the computer programming community is going to take Stanley down for this crap.  And the legal research community will follow suit.  This story is not going away.  Just as the dual nationality issue has now over-taken the BC issue, JustiaGate is here to stay and on this point scientific minds will prevail.  The silicon whiz kidz are not going to stand by Justia.  The techy punk rockers, hackers, Google nerds… etc. all will know that Stanley’s story is BS.


Folks, you have the evidence you need to protect the Constitution.  And the stakes are as high as they come.  It’s really up to you out on Main Street.  If you are lazy with this, the Constitution may never recover.  Mark my words.  A full investigation needs to take place.

The Congress was complicit in not vetting the candidates.  But Justia has given them an out of epic proportions in that Justia’s bogus cases changed the national dialogue.  If Congress was fooled by Justia (and perhaps this plays into that CRS memo on eligibility which is being looked into more carefully now), they have another chance to make it right.

Protest is in the air.  The movement on the streets is supposed to be about ending secrecy and forcing the powers that be to come clean.  Tim Stanley made $37 million creating databases from our national body of case law.  Then his company took criminal liberties with that body of law, sabotaged the living hell out of it, and probably changed national history in the process too.  You want to talk about the 1% vs the 99?  Here’s a textbook example, kids.  Right on!  Power to the people.  Occupy Justia.

That being said, I can only imagine what kind of pressure Tim Stanley is under right now.  He almost certainly did not undertake this sabotage on his own initiation.  Tim Stanley is now in the very scary position of holding the evidence capable of putting Obama’s administration in true jeopardy.  If Stanley was asked, forced or paid to sabotage the cases and/or to maintain them that way after Obama became President, then high crimes were committed.  Therefore, Quo Warranto is not the only possible option on the table any longer.

Impeachment is now in play.

by Leo Donofrio, Esq.

Hat tip to Dianna Cotter for finding the Perkins Coie cite to Justia.

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  1. I think SCOTUS has to be thinking, “Were we wrong?” I gotta think people are going to come down heavy on Stanley and those who used Justia to make decisions about the eligibility and went the wrong way. There has to be a way to straighten this all out. If Tim violated 18 Code he is going to jail. If Obama’s fingerprints are on this he needs to go to jail, too.

  2. Leo, You may want to look at these photos.


    I have no way of verifing if Stanley is in the second photo. But if someone could, what a find it would be.

    [ed. i dont think so… -leo]

  3. If “justia site:uscourts.gov” is entered into a search engine, you will find most courts linked to Justia’s site from their government sites. Sounds like the “man” endorsed Justia.

    More screenshots might be in order.

    [ed. good work…- Leo]

  4. Here is Chicago Chief Judge James F. Holderman thanking Justia for hosting one of their websites.

    Click to access E-Discovery%20Pilot%20Program.pdf

  5. If Obama’s fingerprints are on this, Tim Stanley is bound to have an accident.

  6. I am afraid, as a country, we have already crossed over to the dark side. The courts just keep shutting down every case related to the “Birther” issue. God bless Orly Taitz for not giving up. And God bless and keep you, as well.

    Judith Corley, of Perkins Coie, picked up and delivered the long form ”Certificate of Live Birth” from the Hawaii Department of Health. The next day, Robert Bauer got the heck out of Dodge.

    That whole operation was nothing more than a “slight of hands”. There is absolutely no proof that what was posted on the whitehouse.gov website is what was presented by the Hawaii DOH.

    In any case, what was posted, is without doubt, a blatant forgery.

    Just like in Washington DC, everything in Hawaii smells like rotting fish.

    I hope and Pray that with what you have exposed here with JustiaGate, that Congress will realize how bad things smell and someone will stand up and make the first move.

    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I truly can’t thank you enough.

    Maybe someday I will run into you in Vegas and I can buy you a drink. Or maybe I’ll let you buy me one. I can just see all those chips stacked up in front of you.

    God is on our side, I know this.

  7. Who is Weazie?.

  8. Voco Indubium Says:

    A friend wrote a letter to Drudge, complementing Matt on his excellent work, citing the Clinton affair as an example, and suggesting that Justia’s conduct would be an excellent story to investigate. If Drudge accepts the challenge, the mainstream media will have difficulty ignoring and ridiculing the nbc-movement. Perhaps Drudge would like the idea, if he heard similar suggestions from others as well.

  9. Millie O'Riley Says:

    This is somewhat OT but there is quite a bit of discussion, including the usual misinformation, on matters surrounding the eligibility issue at Sheriff Joe Arapaio’s 168,466 member Facebook page. Help with correcting the misinformation could be very useful and perhaps helpful to his research team. https://www.facebook.com/ArparioFans

  10. Leo,

    My small way of spreading word of your investigation and calling for action . . .

    Occupy Justia.com: Impeachment of Obama Is Now In Play

    [ed. Thanks, but I have to correct your write up:

    “Most importantly, Donofrio has discovered, and painstakingly preserved, proof that someone made alterations to 25 Supreme Court cases on Justia, specifically Minor v. Happersett and a few other cases, and that all the alterations changed or hid Supreme Court findings which specifically construed the meaning of the term “natural born citizen”.

    25 cases that cited Minor, but not Minor itself…as far as I recall. They have now removed access to the wayback machine…- Leo]

  11. Looks like the Liberty Legal Foundation follows this blog! It will be interesting to see if this goes anywhere. They should also file the same lawsuit against the Republican Party to prevent it from certifying the eligibility of Marco Rubio or Bobby Jindal for Vice President. Perhaps Obama has filed formal papers to run for POTUS that provides more of a basis to name the Democrat party at this point. If that’s the case, Liberty Legal should announce their intent to do the same thing if Rubio or Jindal become official candidates for VP.


  12. WOW! Congratulations Leo you’ve done it! You got Justia Stanley between a rock and a very, very hard place with no place to go except doing 25 years hard time in a federal prison! And, surprise, surprise NOT, obama’s tracks and prints are all over this…. time for Quo Warranto in DC……and kicked out of the WH!

  13. A Crazy Old Coot Says:

    How can we get the in-justice department to do their job on this matter?

    I’m taking bets that holder sidesteps this whole matte.

  14. Is impeachment really in play? In other words does not impeachment apply only to a legitimate office holder?

    To say that we can impeach Obama implies that he is a legitimate office holder, does it not?

    [ed. he is the POTUS… until he’s held to be ineligible, he is POTUS. therefore, he can be impeached. – Leo]

  15. Leo, you said,

    “Tim Stanley is now in the very scary position of holding the evidence capable of putting Obama’s administration in true jeopardy.”

    That makes me very concerned for your “scary” position as well as Stanley’s. If, and its a very big IF, this gets the attention of Congress, all hell will break loose and a constitutional crisis will erupt. You will be number one on obamabots’ list to be assassinated. Remember that union creep Hoffa who declared war on these SOBs! He is leader of millions of union slaves. I hope you are doing everything you can for your security. Let us hope and pray that God will protect you (and Stanley) and all who have contributed to bring the Truth to light.

    [ed. “To look down on the clouds, you don’t need to fly. I’ve never flown in a plane… I’ll live until I die.” The Stone Roses – Leo]

  16. “The Congress was complicit in not vetting the candidates. But Justia has given them an out of epic proportions in that Justia’s bogus cases changed the national dialogue. If Congress was fooled by Justia (and perhaps this plays into that CRS memo on eligibility which is being looked into more carefully now), they have another chance to make it right.”

    When I defended my MOL in support of OSC to have the NYS BOE website properly cite Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 (now allege to be 4) the one time progressive attorney for the UFT now Justice Schack there confronted with Minor v Happersett said the NBC matter is a 14th amendment and first amendment issue; to wit I stated NBC is a de jure issue of law not a 14th amendment matter of fact and then in response the real property expert said “even Justice Waite admitted that the NBC term is not defined leaves doubt” and stopped before he got caught up in a Vattel argument shifted to born a citizen on soil is all that counts as a speech issue!

    I thought I have heard everything by now – guess not!

    Stay tuned.

    [ed. the judiciary has their talking points, too. – Leo]

  17. TwinkleToes Says:

    I haven’t seen the entire argument that Stanley provided as explanation for these abnormalities, but what you’ve shared of it doesn’t sound plausible to me. As a programmer for a Fortune 300 company I can tell you that programming errors are very rarely as discriminating as this one seems to be.

    [ed. Everything Stanley has said about this is in the CNET article, and he didn’t say much. Read it here. – Leo]

  18. FYI… for what it’s worth… another possible Justia – Obama connection:

    Stacy Lynn Stern Stanley is president of justia, wife of the founder of Justia, and was in her 1st year at Harvard Law school when Obama was in his 3rd year at Harvard Law school … Obama was class of 91, Stacy Lynn Stern Stanley was class of 93.

    [ed. Wow. Nice find. – Leo]

  19. I’ve seen how you’ve grown my friend. This is possibly the best article on your blog so far. I can’t wait for Dianna’s report. Question, what’s your suggestion on how do we go about demanding a full investigation on your findings?

    [ed. Be creative… I don’t have all the answers. Dianna’s report will be delayed until the weekend. Lots of T’s being crossed and i’s dotted, but it’s a gonna be a big one… – Leo]

  20. It’s time , AMERICA, HAS TO KNOW THE TRUTH . I always said, 0bama & Co., can run but they can’t hide for ewer.

  21. Outstanding write-up, Leo. And you’re right, the BC issue of BO is just to divert our attention away from the real problem– that being dual citizenship. I have no doubts.

  22. I’m like someone else on here, I wish that Drudge would pick this up. Somehow this needs to be spread far and wide, and it needs to get to attorneys in various places throughout the US. For my little part today, I wrote Judge Roy Moore, but I have no idea if he’ll get it. The reason that I wrote him is because he is conservative, loves justice, and he probably knows more attorneys. I linked here and the Examiner article that Dianna wrote.

    We know the worthless Lamestream isn’t gonna take it up, don’t we? But this makes me so mad, and if it was done by Republicans, I’d be just as upset.

  23. Gotta figger that o’Bummer is really sweating it right now, with all the experts thinking he won’t be reelected and the threat of his AG going to be indicted. He must be thinking what if Tim Stanley turns on me now or if Tim’s wife turns on me even, I’m really cooked. If I were Tim I would not schedule any flights in the near future. I would love to see the emails going forth and back between those two. I would love to hack his crackberry. What if the BC thing in Hawaii starts to unravel?

  24. Anyone with just a rudimentary knowledge of computer programming will immediately know that Stanley’s explanation for the “coding error” isn’t even remotely plausible. It fact it’s impossible. There are a lot of people with rudimentary knowledge of programming and as soon as they learn about this Justia tampering and the laughable explanation for it, their lie detection sensibilities will detect the smell of something rotten, deceitful, disingenuous and conspiratorial. Then their logic center will ask the question “Why would they do that unless there was something significant to hide?” And what would that something be? It would be the truth about natural citizenship and how it relates to presidential eligibility. Then the light will begin to shine through the deception and delusion that has prevailed ’til now.

  25. kittycat77 Said: You’re right, the BC issue of BO is just to divert our attention away from the real problem– that being dual citizenship.

    The birth certificate issue is an issue of criminal forgery. It is not a diversion from the eligibility issue. Understand that there are two issues and they are of equally great importance because the only logical justification for a forged birth certificate is that there is no proof that Obama was born in the United States. Or even worse, there is hidden positive proof that he was born somewhere else. In that case he is not even a United States citizens because of his mother’s age when he was born. So he could be doubly ineligible by not having an American father and by not being a U.S. citizen.
    How can something so clear and self-evident be so inconceivable to the main stream media?
    Peer pressure, group think, and absence of the capability of original thought. No one has the audacity to think that there can be any truth outside the box. No wonder, when all of the powers and authorities of the nation have contributed to imbuing the anointed one with the reins of ultimate power. How could a mistake of that magnitude happen? It boggles the mind, and so they refuse to believe that American could do something so dumb on such a grand scale.

  26. Voco Indubium Says:

    Attn.: Kittycat77

    Thanks for supporting the idea. It was a friend’s idea, writing to Drudge. And it is a good one. I talked to some friends and they all like the idea and they will write to Drudge asking him to investigate. If Drudge is willing to take look and publish his opinion, the nbc issue could become an election issue.

  27. naturalborncitizen Says:

    [UPDATE: Sat. Oct 29, 2011, 8:02 AM – Cindy Simpson weighs in on JustiaGate at American Thinker.]

    Enjoy your morning coffee…

  28. I don’t see much chance of impeaching President Obama – We have ample proof that this Congress can’t do much of anything. What I do see a good potential is attacking his elegibility to run again, and do it in every state. This raises the stakes for Democrats; as even if he does get elected again, the election can be reversed through state-level actions. The Democrats will have to consider this in who they choose to as their candidate.

    [ed. We don’t know the facts yet. We don’t know what kind of pressure was applied to Justia, or if any pressure was applied. That’s the real story. We have the “what” and we will soon have some of the technical “how”, and the Wayback Machine told us approximately “when” the sabotage happened… but we don’t have the “who” yet, or the “why”. – Leo]

  29. An interesting analysis in We The People blog. It sorta ties together all the family ties.

    [ed. Yup… kinda interesting that Stanley, his wife and Obama were all at Harvard Law together… this article you link to has 76 comments already. impressive. – Leo]

  30. Joe The Blogger Says:

    Hi Leo,

    I think we can safely surmise the ‘why’. The Obots knew that Minor v Happersett makes Obama ineligible. I can think of no other explanation for Justiagate.

  31. Joe The Blogger Says:

    Hi Leo,

    It is nearly always the cover-up that does it. In this case it is the scrub-up that could do it against Obama. So ironic, Justiagate repeats Watergate. Follow the scrubbing. I wonder if any money changed hands? Or favors?

  32. Leo,

    Thanks for noting the need to correct the wording in my short article on Jefferson’s Rebels. I have added your remark as an addendum.

    FYI. My favorite newspaper is Investor’s Business Daily because of their opinion pages. Their editorials and articles are superb in my opinion. Because I respect the quality of their articles, I wrote to their editors and asked them to consider investigating the allegations and evidence on your website. No way to know if they will pick up the suggestion, but I know they are extremely unhappy with Obama, so there’s reason to hope. Alternatively, I wonder if you would consider submitting a guest editorial to IBD.

    [ed. only if invited to… – Leo]

  33. Voco Indubium Says:

    RE: “How can something so clear and self-evident be so inconceivable to the main stream media? Peer pressure, group think,…. (arnash) “

    Many good citizens are raising the same question. The answer is, at least partly, that the mainstream media is largely the propaganda-machine of the Dem Party. It became that gradually during the past few decades through indoctrination of journalism students by leftist leaning professors at nearly all universities. So the media’s attitude is largely voluntary based on their education and “group-think”, and one may even call it honest.

    However, looking at the attitude of the entire Judicial Branch, the question arises if their attitude is based on independent interpretation of the law, or motivated by outside influences (to say it politely). And how is it possible, that in the most significant constitutional republic on earth, in the USA, the Judicial Branch by refusing to rule on a constitutional issues of major importance, for all practical purposes, makes the constitution unenforceable ( as in a typical banana republic) ?

  34. “Stacy Lynn Stern Stanley — president of justia, wife of the founder of Justia, and was in her 1st year at Harvard Law school when Obama was in his 3rd year at Harvard Law school … Obama was class of 91, Stacy Lynn Stern Stanley was class of 93.”

    Remember ANDY Stern — Mr. SEIU President; Mr. Lincoln Bedroom; Mr. Obama for America 2008?

    Related? Maybe somebody knows.

  35. David Miller Says:

    Okay: Sarah H Duggin who was the expert claiming that the Supreme Court had not held on the NBC issue was a partner at Williams & Connelly. Look who her colleagues were and their connections with BHO – http://www.washingtonian.com/blogarticles/people/capitalcomment/11034.html

    My guess is some lawyer at W&C helped with the scrubbing at Justia, or at least developed and directed the strategy to deal with the NBC issue. Someone needs to find the connections between the lawyers at Justia and the lawyers at W&C.

  36. David Miller Says:

    By the way, Kim Eisler seems to be the expert about W&C. Even wrote the book on them http://www.kimeisler.com/Kim_Eislers_Web_Site/The_Book.html

    Perhaps he may want to follow up with this story. I didn’t contact him about it. Check out his stuff first and see if you want to reach out to him Leo.

  37. Kathleen C. Says:

    What about Glenn Beck getting on board with this? He’s got a HUGE audience.

    America is ready for this.

    What we need is a good ole “revolution” – this could be it.

    How can I get in touch with Beck???

    We need to publicize this to death! Anyone got access to bill boards – put two words up “Quo Warranto” and then your website address.

    Thanks for all of your hard work Leo!!!

    God wil protect you. The others will have no where run and NOWHERE to hide! God is capable of bringing “all deeds done in darkness – into the light” – never fear!!!


  38. I found some videos of Justia CEO Tim Stanley on YouTube.

    Dec 10, 2008
    Tim Stanley of Justia speaks about the Google Mini

    Feb 23, 2010
    Avvocating Conference in Seattle

    May 12, 2010
    Berkeley Law.Gov Workshop – Part 3 – at 16:00 mark

    June 15, 2010
    Center for American Progress – Law.Gov

    In the next video Justia personnel are swooning as Obama’s limo drives past their office:

    Sept 26, 2011
    Obama Drives by Justia – uploaded by John M Pruitt (Profile: http://professionals.justia.com/profile/john-pruitt-1484795#blogs)

  39. veryblonde Says:

    If you google the words ” obama bauer tim stanley ” , the 3rd result is this:

    Oct 20, 2011 – The Transition from Jus Soli — Obama NOT a Natural Born Citizen … Is This Why Former White House Counsel Robert Bauer Resigned? …. However, Justia CEO Tim Stanley was associated with “Obama For America 2008″. …

    but when I go to the page I can’t find the words However, Justia CEO Tim Stanley was associated with “Obama For America 2008″. …

  40. Onfire at Oct 28, 2:21 am – wow! Just looking at one of the govt links to Justia, what irony that this govt doc from Hawaii links to Justia 4 times!

    Click to access chart.pdf

    Sources of Primary Law – updated April 2011

  41. What is the relationship of Stacey Stern to Andy stern? Was she wife or daughter?

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