The Dred Scott Decision Is Evil, Racist, And Off Limits.

I am preparing a comprehensive treatise on the natural-born citizen clause.  And I want everyone to know my position as to the Dred Scott decision well before I publish.

Scott v. Sandford is the most horrific piece of racist garbage our federal judicial system has ever doled out.  My arguments will not rely upon that case or its holding.  I will only discuss the case in relation to Justice Horace Gray’s reference to it, since he discussed it in U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark.  And I will not refer to Scott v. Sandford outside of examining Justice Gray’s own opinion of that case, since I cannot properly analyze Wong Kim Ark without discussing the precedents cited therein.

The Dred Scott decision is a damned blight upon this nation.  The reasoning of the majority (if a majority can even be said to have existed) is in direct contradiction to the Declaration of Independence and to any true notion of liberty.

My treatise will discuss in great detail why Obama, John McCain, and even Marco Rubio are not eligible to be POTUS.  But the arguments will stand alone as if the Dred Scott case did not exist.  That it does exist remains the most significant stigma upon the virtue of our nation’s highest court.

Leo Donofrio, Esq.

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