Earlier today I posted about my Election Day SCOTUS case having been denied filing by a clerk making a substantive decision as if he were a Justice of the Court. I prepared an Emergency Application to Justice Alito asking him to stay the ruling of the clerk, and I spoke to a legal foundation that offered to represent me in this matter.

After doing the work, I realized that there is no way these clerks are making substantive judicial rulings on their own. Furthermore, since I served process, the Attorney General of Arizona mentioned my case in their Amicus Motion in the Texas case, which means the Justices knew about my filing.

Therefore, the clerk who denied to docket my case must have been taking orders from the Justices. They don’t want to officially recognize the fact that I picked their lock and found a true legal manner to challenge the election. I had standing, and the Court has jurisdiction, but they don’t want to look the case square in the eyes, because my case would force them to void the election in seven States.

So the Justices put these clerks out there and in a very cowardly manner the Justices of the Supreme Court expose their clerks by forcing them to make substantive decisions of law, which is actually an ethical violation.

If a clerk signs their name to a document that pertains to make a substantive decision of judicial interpretation, that clerk is usurping authority in violation of law. And the Justices who feed these clerks to the wolves are simply cowards.

I do not have a problem with any of the clerks at the United States Supreme Court. I have a huge problem with the Justices. This is the second time I have experienced this tragic phenomenon. I don’t blame the clerks. They are just taking orders.

There is no law in America now. The rot came from the top down, and it will surely rend this nation into factions. Invasion will follow. You can blame the United States Supreme Court for all of it. The Court is not a bastion of justice. The Court is a political animal. And it has failed us.

I don’t plan on posting to this blog again anytime soon.


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